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9 powerful questions for your highest self…

I’m on the edge of making some life changing decisions.

I’m scared. Anxious. Impatient. Excited.

I want to open my heart to you all and share the process I’ve been guiding myself through to find the answers/make the decisions that are most aligned.

My process is simple; 9 questions I’m reflecting on from my highest self. ❤️

1. When you look back on your life… what kind of story do you want to tell about who you were? What you did? And how you lived?

2. What would it look like to settle in life right now? (And how would it feel to live with that decision?)

3. What would it look like NOT to settle in life right now? (And how would it feel to be that woman?)

4. If you knew 100% it work out… what moves would you boldly make?

5. If money weren’t a factor… what choices would you make?

6. Imagine 5 years from today – you didn’t follow your heart – instead you settled and let fear get the better of you – how would you feel? Where would you be? What would your life have become?

And finally…

7. If FEAR was driving you… what path would you choose? (Be honest with yourself.)

8. If LOVE, FAITH and COURAGE were your driving force… what path would you choose? (Again, be honest with yourself.)

And the ultimate question – the one that guides me the most…

9. If you knew your daughter was learning how to live life by watching how you move through the world – how would you show up differently? What choices would you want her to make for herself?

I hope these questions serve you as much as they are serving me. ❤️

Tonight under the Leo Full Moon I pray we all have courage to choose LOVE, not fear. I pray we are all brave, bold and brilliant enough to claim the thrown of our lives… and to be the women we know we came here to be. To settle for no less than what God intended for us.

Tonight we decide the path we walk in the new world…

We are at a crossroads.

And I pray that you, I and we… choose love – for ourselves, for each other and for the planet.

I love you sisters. ❤️

May we walk in truth. 🐆👑

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