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Hey Sister… I’m Alice…

Leadership, Embodiment and Ayurveda Coach (as well as the founder of the BE Retreats and Sisterhood Monthly Membership!)


You know, as well as I do, that you were destined for great things and I am dedicated to supporting you on your journey into the fullness of who you were born to be.  From business coaching, to inner healing and radiance, I combine my years of experience. I am here to create the space you need to gain clarity, expand into your vision and embody it on the physical plane – here and now…


You ready for it?… ALL of it…

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“Alice had a huge impact on my life. Completing my mentoring with Alice directly supported me in making money, changing the narrative, and clearing my energy led me to my first £12k launch just 10 months after moving my business online. It was amazing. If you are considering working with Alice – do it right now! You will not regret it for a second. And you will reach so much more with Alice by your side..”

Jacky Clarke, Business Balance Coach


“Finding Alice was the greatest gift from the universe. She’s helped me create an additional online income and has been pivotal in my biggest transformation to date. Through times of discomfort, she’s been there, sometimes as a soothing tonic and sometimes as the lighting bold strike I required.

Helen Gray, Spiritual Mentor and Sound Healer.


“Alice gave me the confidence to break free from my corporate job and she gave me the financial tools and mindset to understand how to go from corporate burnout to actually selling my women’s work. Alice is heart centred, but no nonsense. She knows her stuff. Working with Alice helped me on my path to change my life and I will forever be grateful.

Dawn Love, Women’s Circle Facilitator and Breath work teacher.


“Alice helped me regain my confidence and courage in my business. Rather than just dreaming, wishing and waiting she encouraged me to take action and initiate change. Alice opened my eyes to the simple truth that spiritual businesses can be thriving and be super successful.

Simona Yovcheva, Ceremony facilitator 


Coaching with Alice was the catalyst for me to make the first move towards the life I want. Alice helped me secure my own clinic space (within a week of manifesting it – yikes, that’s powerful!) and our sessions together gave me the confidence to make decisions towards my goals – I will be forever grateful. Alice has a natural way of listening, understanding and giving advice in a non-judgemental way.  She’s a beautiful soul. If you’re thinking of working with Alice, take the leap of faith, she will be there to catch you and help you fly!”

Caroline Smith, Therapist. 


“Last time we worked together I made the full investment back in the first week – that’s why I’m signing up again! 

Carly Rodman, Yoga and Retreat Leader