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What clients are saying…

“Alice had a huge impact on my life. Completing my mentoring with Alice directly supported me in making money, changing the narrative, and clearing my energy led me to my first £12k launch just 10 months after moving my business online. It was amazing. If you are considering working with Alice – do it right now! You will not regret it for a second. And you will reach so much more with Alice by your side..”

Jacky Clarke, Business Balance Coach

“Finding Alice was the greatest gift from the universe. She’s helped me create an additional online income and has been pivotal in my biggest transformation to date. Through times of discomfort, she’s been there, sometimes as a soothing tonic and sometimes as the lighting bold strike I required.

Helen Gray, Spiritual Mentor and Sound Healer.

“Alice gave me the confidence to break free from my corporate job and she gave me the financial tools and mindset to understand how to go from corporate burnout to actually selling my women’s work. Alice is heart centred, but no nonsense. She knows her stuff. Working with Alice helped me on my path to change my life and I will forever be grateful.

Dawn Love, Women’s Circle Facilitator and Breath work teacher.

“Alice helped me regain my confidence and courage in my business. Rather than just dreaming, wishing and waiting she encouraged me to take action and initiate change. Alice opened my eyes to the simple truth that spiritual businesses can be thriving and be super successful.

Simona Yovcheva, Ceremony facilitator 

Coaching with Alice was the catalyst for me to make the first move towards the life I want. Alice helped me secure my own clinic space (within a week of manifesting it – yikes, that’s powerful!) and our sessions together gave me the confidence to make decisions towards my goals – I will be forever grateful. Alice has a natural way of listening, understanding and giving advice in a non-judgemental way.  She’s a beautiful soul. If you’re thinking of working with Alice, take the leap of faith, she will be there to catch you and help you fly!”

Caroline Smith, Therapist. 

What struck me immediately was Alice’s warmth and positivity. She is personable and passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through coaching. I was at an interesting crossroads at the time, having taken voluntary severance from my last role and was taking the opportunity to explore different options. I also wanted to launch a personal project, but I wasn’t sure about it.


Her enthusiasm and encouragement of the Little Light Room project was the final nudge I needed. By the end of our session, I had not only committed to take the first steps with the project, but I had set a date for the first event and constructed an action plan, complete with deadlines against each task.


Alice encouraged me to start small, but get started; rather than looking too far ahead and worrying about whether the events would be a success, just try one out – that’s all I committed to. The events have been running monthly since their launch in November and are receiving positive feedback.


I’m very grateful to Alice for her coaching skills; for her innate empathy, ability to connect the dots and encourage positive action. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”



“I had my first ever coaching session with Alice and I can put my hand on my heart and say it changed my life. During the first session we outlined my self-limiting beliefs and goals, which was to work on my self-confidence.


She made me realize that I have the power within me to achieve whatever I set my mind to. I now regularly go networking and confidently speak to people I’ve never met before. I run events and stand up to an audience of 40 business owners and introduce the company and myself.


Without Alice’s help I would have never been able to make my dreams a reality.”



“Alice is an incredibly inspirational person and a fantastic coach. She quickly creates an environment for you to express your thoughts and feelings without judgment; she makes you feel completely at ease, and like anything is possible.


I’d never experiencing coaching before but after working with Alice, can instantly see the value it provides. Alice’s coaching sessions pushed me to confront things I’d been trying to ignore, and gave me the freedom to decide on my future and put it into action.


Alice is an amazing person and she has given me the confidence to embrace positivity, to empower myself and to dare to grow.”



“Alice is an incredible coach and has a gift for creating a safe space for discussion. Through informal coaching sessions with Alice I was able to think and reflect on and then articulate and plan for living a life of purpose and meaning. What we talked about in our sessions, and the actions I took subsequently changed my life for the better in so many ways – I have never felt more in control, more aligned to my destiny and more happy.

Alice is non-judgemental and has a knack for helping you to believe you can have (and deserve) what you want. She is calm, fair and honest and keeps the pressure on you in just the right way to make your dream life a reality – she will support you through the change and is on hand via calls, texts and emails to deal with what pops up in between sessions.

I would recommend Alice to anyone who has doubt in their ability to make a change, anyone who feels judged by other people, anyone who wants to build more confidence in the themselves and anyone who is ready to make a change.

Invest in yourself, work with Alice and change your life.”


“I went into coaching sessions with Alice because a personal project was, I felt, getting out of hand financially and this was having a negative impact on my outlook and on my personal and professional life.


Alice helped me to break down the complex issues as I saw them into manageable steps and then to come up with simple actions that moved me forward gently but purposefully. Alice definitely helped me gain understanding of my project and elicited and captured  some concrete actions that created momentum and brought a much more positive perspective.


I also came away with simple techniques to keep that momentum going and to continue progressing in my project. Probably the biggest outcome for me from the coaching sessions with Alice is that I have a greater self awareness and an improved ability to set priorities, to start acting and generating momentum. Understand, prioritise and take action, with emphasis on taking action. Also how to be  focussed on the task in hand or how to be more  present in conversations.  I’ve learnt some simple techniques to prepare for conversations and this is leading to better outcomes.


I would certainly recommend coaching with Alice if you are prepared to be open and honest with yourself and be willing to change. It’s not always easy or comfortable, but certainly worthwhile. I still havent managed to answer one of her questions, but reflect on it a little more everyday as I’ve realised, in fact it is one of the most critical questions we have to answer:  ‘Who are you?”



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