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[1:1 Mentorship & coaching]

Alice invites you into a 3 month 1:1 journey where you will work together intimately.


These sessions can be used for healing, business mentoring, coaching, talking therapy, somatic therapy  – or all combined.


This includes 1:1 sessions via zoom, voice notes between calls, access to Alice’s recommended resources and ongoing support from Alice throughout the 3 month period.


Investment: Packages from £900 (email Alice for more details.)


How to get started? Email [email protected] and share your interest.

[2 hour Astrology Reading]

Breakdown of what to expect:
  • 2 hour 1-2-1 session with Alice 
  • Alice will read your Astrology Birth Chart (focused on the key aspects noted below.) 
  • We will cover your Elemental make up and how this may show up
  • Your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign as well as cover other key planets in your chart.
  • We will also look at your South Node & North Node – to look at your purpose, calling, life path and destiny. (Reflecting on the struggles that may show up for you as well as the solutions!) 
  • Finally we will look at Chiron – the Wounded Healer – to understand your biggest wound in this life time and how that may be showing up for you – we’ll also have time to discuss your journey of healing.
  • To complete the session I will share how you can leverage what you have learnt and suggestions on how to use your energetic blue print (your birth chart) to empower you and lead you (rather than hinder you!) 
  • Of course questions welcome throughout the session
How much is the session?
The session is £150.00 (this includes the 2hour session with Alice and a recording of your reading so you can re-listen!)
To arrange your birth chart reading email [email protected].

[Join The Sisterhood Monthly Menbership]

Your online spiritual & self-care monthly membership.

“I’m in love with The Sisterhood membership! I feel like it’s giving me everything I could ever need to grow. The support system, training & tools I’ve been waiting for my entire life!”

– C.W, Sisterhood Member


“Just wanted to share my heart felt gratitude as I’m watching the Pisces Season content. This membership truly fills me up so much, just been in the bath watching and it always bring me home, just like the live monthly rituals with you.

– T.A, UK Sisterhood Member


“I’m buzzing to have joined The Sisterhood! The content is off the scale, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop. I don’t know where to look first!”

– K.T, UK Sisterhood Member


Join us for just £39.99 monthly & Cancel anytime!



“Finding Alice was the greatest gift from the universe. She’s helped me create an additional online income and has been pivotal in my biggest transformation to date. Through times of discomfort, she’s been there, sometimes as a soothing tonic and sometimes as the lighting bold strike I required.“

Helen Gray, Spiritual Mentor and Sound Healer.

“Last time we worked together I made the full investment back in the first week – that’s why I’m signing up again! “

Carly Rodman, Yoga and Retreat Leader