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Birth Chart Reading Natal Chart Reading

So great you’d love to book in for a Birthchart reading!


I’ve shared all the details below including how to book. Understanding your birth chart is often a life changing experience for many.

 What’s included in your birth chart reading session? 
This 2 hr reading is recommended for those looking for an astrological birth chart reading for the first time. Having your chart read is an empowering and enlightening experience which helps you gain clarity and understanding around your purpose, gifts, life path, place in the world, challenges, wounds and lessons you have to learn in this lifetime. 
Breakdown of what to expect:


  • 2 hour 1-2-1 session with Alice 
  • Alice will read your Astrology Birth Chart (focused on the key aspects noted below.) 
  • We will cover your Elemental make up and how this may show up
  • Your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign as well as cover other key planets in your chart.
  • We will also look at your South Node & North Node – to look at your purpose, calling, life path and destiny. (Reflecting on the struggles that may show up for you as well as the solutions!) 
  • Finally we will look at Chiron – the Wounded Healer – to understand your biggest wound in this life time and how that may be showing up for you – we’ll also have time to discuss your journey of healing.
  • To complete the session I will share how you can leverage what you have learnt and suggestions on how to use your energetic blue print (your birth chart) to empower you and lead you (rather than hinder you!) 
  • Of course questions welcome throughout the session


How much is the session?
The session is £150.00 (this includes the 2hour session and a recording of your reading so you can re-listen!)
Once you have agreed your session with Alice you will receive details on how to make payment.
How to prepare for your session?
To prepare for your session you simply need to send your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to [email protected] 48hrs ahead of your session. (And of course show up for your reading – details on how to book below.) 
FAQ: What to do if you don’t know your time of birth?
Many people say they are unsure of their time of birth, if this is the case you can ask a family member if they know or find details on your long form birth certificate. 
If you are still unable to obtain your time of birth we can work with an estimated time or we can still do the reading without a time at all – this simply means some details may not be as specific but you will still gain so much! 
To book your session: 
Email [email protected] and let us know you’d like to book an Astrology Birth Chart reading and I’ll be in touch to send you some date/time options for your session. 
Once you have agreed the date/time of your session with me you’ll receive details on how to make payment, once payment is received your booking is secure – and I’ll look forward to speaking with you soon! 
If you have any questions please do email [email protected] – these readings really are life changing! 
Looking forward to reading your chart! 
Alice XO


“My birth chart reading session today was amazing, after the session I had a truly deep discovery and realised a huge wound that has been holding me back. And I really feel a shift just knowing what I need to work on and clear and how I can move things forward now. Getting to know myself on a deeper level is always amazing. Everyone needs a birth chart reading!” 

Jacky Clarke, Coach & Consultant.

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