My pregnancy essentials - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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My pregnancy essentials

Here’s my top items I have LOVED during my pregnancy, from products, to books, to clothes to supplements! 

Ritual’s Pre natal vitamins (can order on monthly subscription)

Neils Yard Belly Balm

Neils Yard Mothers Bath Oil

Book: Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth

Book: Nine Golden Months

Book: The first forty days

Pregnancy Pillow

Bumpsuit (The Kate Bumpsuit in snake skin is the one I love!)

Jo Jo Maman Bebe Cotton Rich Leggings (I loved the Navy!)

Medela Keep cool sleep & nursing maternity bra

Indigo Luna Layla Flares & crop top. (Very comfortable, grow with your bump and versatile!)

Bed Folk Linen Bedding (Breathable for the hormonal temperature shifts & very luxurious!) 

Pregnancy massage (not an item, but highly recommend regular massage!)

Private midwife 1-2-1 session (having a session or sessions with a private midwife, having a private midwife means they are not tied to the regulations of the NHS which can mean they offer a wider range of support / information.)

Neom Diffuser – Great for creating relaxing environment at home!

Magnesium Powder – this is great if you get dead legs / pins and needles which I really did during my third trimester.

Floradix – this is a natural way to build iron gradually (alongside diet) and I took this throughout my pregnancy.