Bone Broth Recipe - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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Bone Broth Recipe

Making & drinking bone broth is a healing ritual for me – it’s supported me through grief, heart ache, separation… and now pregnancy.

It connects me to my ancestors, nourishes my heart, builds my strength and so much more.

(I’m currently 6 months pregnant and drinking this broth to build my energy reserves for when my little one arrives!)



Recipe: (I go organic as much as I can!)

1 chicken carcass (saved from last nights dinner)
3 large carrots
8 stalks celery
4 garlic cloves
2 onions
Salt + pepper




Pre-heat oven to 200F.
roast bones + veggies for 30 mins.
Remove from oven.
Add to large pan with 12 cups of water
Dash of apple cider vinegar
Simmer for 6 – 12 hours (longer the better) on stove or in oven.

Strain broth & enjoy! (Use for morning broth, in soups, stews or freeze for future use!)