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31 Aug ?Yoni Sun Bathing ??

?Yoni Sun Bathing ?? Ancient Taoists called it Sunning… bringing the yang energy (sun) to the most yin part of ourselves (our Yoni) ???

For me this Practise….

?INSTANTLY Activates creative energy
?INSTANTLY Strips back y ego, fears and doubts
?Awakens dormant energy and brings powerful visions and guidance
?Warms the deepest parts of myself and nurtures any part of me that feels unloved
?Activates my highest most powerful self
?Awakens trapped sexual and creative energy
?Resets my nervous system… plus so much more.
That’s ALOT! I know. But I’m serious. This practise works and it’s changed my life in ways I can’t even explain. ??
I’m actually surprised I don’t hear more people talking about it! Do you practise Yoni Sunning? ?? (If not – let me know below – Will you give it a try?! ??)
I’d love to hear – what’s your experience? ??
All I wanna say is try it! You don’t have to get naked, you can subtly lift your dress, or place a blanket over your lap if you don’t have much privacy. Just try it! (Promise? ???)
P.S. After months of you asking – I finally filmed new Yoni Practises for you! They’ve just dropped inside The Sisterhood Membership + other juicy brand new Virgo Season content! ??✨?