Seasonal Discipline | Ritucharya | Alice Allum 
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Seasonal Ayurveda Rituals = Ritucharya

It’s that time of year again in Mama Earth’s Calendar & in Ayurveda it’s known as Ritucharya.

It’s time to switch up our daily habits (including the foods we put in our body! ) to stay aligned with the natural cycles so we continue to be in a powerful place for manifestation & abundance.

Rather than adding new habits…I always encourage my clients to enhance their current ones – like eating food – a habit we all have!  And I want to encourage you to do the same!

Here’s why buying seasonal produce matters;

– Work with & honour the natural cycles of Mother Earth (& in turn be in flow energetically)

– Give your vessel (your body) the vitamins it needs to thrive – there’s a reason we eat Squash in Autumn & not in Summer.

– Non-seasonal produce that’s sold in the Supermarkets is pumped with EVEN MORE growth formula (because they don’t naturally grow this time of year ) so by eating out of season you’re adding way more toxins – not great for performance, happiness & mental health!

– Supports our local sustainable farmers

– Save your money!  (Seasonal food is cheaper! Let’s bust the myth that healthy = expensive! )

– And of course you don’t just eat the same old foods each season – you get to explore Mama earth’s bounty!

Remember we are not separate from nature, we are PART of nature! My kitchen is full of…squash… squash… oh…and more squash

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