7 ways to activate your Crown Chakra - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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7 ways to activate your Crown Chakra

When your crown chakra is open you’ll have a strong sense of “everything is MORE than taken care of”.

It’s important to remember Abundance is a flow, an energetic dance of give and take and most importantly an art that anyone can master!


Here’s how to get started with bringing the flow back: 
1. Firstly (this is non-negotiable) – get back to BASICS: you’re never too ‘developed’ for daily gratitudes, reading morning pages and affirmations!
2. Practise RECEIVING: when someone asks if you want a cup of tea… YES. When someone asks if they can help… YES. CONSCIOUSLY RECEIVE… if you can’t receive the small things – how on earth do you expect to receive the bigger things?! Expand your energetic ability to receive!
3. Practise GIVING: a simple formula to follow if you’re feeling ‘cut off’ from Abundance is to give that which you desire to receive  – support others, celebrate others, share your knowledge, be kind! Get the flow… FLOWING!
4. The underlying issue to your block is you’ve lost your connection with source, miracles and the mysterious magic of the universe. You’ve cut yourself off from POSSIBILITES – So MEDITATE  however you like to – Sound, chant, breath-work (Promise me?)
5. Switch your focus – most likely you’re focused on the PROBLEMS – take some time to re-connect with what you DO want – Bring the inspiration back! (And put physical reminders around your home – stick your goals on your fridge, mirror or front door!)
6. Connect to purple – wear purple, decorate your home with purple flowers, get your purple notebook, candles and crystals out!
7. REPEAT AFFIRMATION: “I am attuned and open to the divine flow of Abundance”
DON’T take these suggestions lightly. If you want things to change in your life – YOU must change – and it all starts on a energetic level first – Prioritise these actions as a start!