Yoni (Vaginal) Sun Bathing - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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Yoni (Vaginal) Sun Bathing

Ancient Taoists called Yoni bathing; Sunning… bringing the yang energy (sun) to the most yin part of ourselves (our Yoni).

For me this Practise….

– INSTANTLY Activates creative energy
– INSTANTLY Strips back y ego, fears and doubts
– Awakens dormant energy and brings powerful visions and guidance
– Warms the deepest parts of myself and nurtures any part of me that feels unloved
– Activates my highest most powerful self
– Awakens trapped sexual and creative energy
– Resets my nervous system… plus so much more.
That’s ALOT! I know. But I’m serious. This practise works and it’s changed my life in ways I can’t even explain. 
I’m actually surprised I don’t hear more people talking about it! Do you practise Yoni Sunning?  (If not – let me know below – Will you give it a try?! )
All I wanna say is try it! You don’t have to get naked, you can subtly lift your dress, or place a blanket over your lap if you don’t have much privacy. Just try it! (Promise?)
P.S. After months of you asking – I finally filmed new Yoni Practises for you! They’ve just dropped inside The Sisterhood Membership and other juicy brand new Virgo Season content!