There’s 6 Physic Abilities - which do you have? - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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There’s 6 Physic Abilities – which do you have?

The 6 types of intuitive senses are known as Clair Senses…

Often with clients I help them A) identify their abilities and B ) Learn how to strengthen and harness them…

The first step is to acknowledge which ones are currently most developed within you… Here they are: 

1. Clairvoyance – you SEE images. You say things like: “I had a vision this would happen” or “I keep getting a vision that I must go to Bali” (Me!)
2. Clairaudiance – you HEAR messages. You say things like: “A voice keeps telling me to call my mum” or “I keep hearing the words “go see a doctor”.
3. Clairecognizace – you KNOW things. You say things like: “I just have this knowing that they’re going to say Yes” or “I just know if I take this step everything will work out.”
4. Clairesentience – You FEEL things. You say things like; “I just feel something good is coming” or “I can feel a big change is on its way and I must prepare.”
5. Clairalience – You SMELL things. You say things like; “I can smell my Aunts Purfume” despite your Aunt not being close by.
6. Clairgustance – You TASTE things. You say things like: “I have a bad taste in my mouth” or “I can taste my grandpas cigars” despite your grandpa passing years earlier.
You may have one psychic ability, some, or all! As Spiritual Women, healers and coaches, it’s important to acknowledge your gifts and harness them for guidance .