7 ways to activate your Root Chakra - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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7 ways to activate your Root Chakra

If this Chakra is blocked – forget about manifestation… you must be present and rooted in the PHYSICAL to manifest… (just as a tree can’t grow without roots).

When this Chakra’s OPEN you feel a strong sense of “I have a right to be here”, “this is who I am” “this is what I have to offer”



Here’s 7 ways to activate your Root Chakra:


1. Become an expert at meeting your basic needs – sleep, nourishing meals, exercise, social connection, playtime + affection.


2. Cancel anything that involves people who aren’t good for you + schedule 3 things with people who ARE good for you. (This is crucial for your sense of belonging + safety.)


3. Move your physical body  – if your Survival Chakra is closed, most likely you’re anxious (depressed even!) and stuck in your head – get in your body through movement! (If you DO move daily, switch up your exercise to turn your body off auto pilot! )


4. Live your life! Interact with the world, join a club, chat to a stranger, spend an hour cooking  build something with your hands! (Hosting a dinner party is a great way to mix 1, 2 and 4! )


5. Smell is associated with the Root. Your sense of smell brings you back to the here and now. Light incense, essential oils, add spices to your warm drinks/porridge.


6. Grounding – hands on the trees, massage feet with sandlewood oil, Chant “Laammm”, add salts to your bath, plant herbs in the garden, lie on the earth (wear red!).


7. Focus on Feng Shui. Think about the Feng Shui of your home, car, work space + even handbag! Mess + chaos can cause you to ‘go-up’ and zone out.


AND… the biggest thing you can do is recognise the patterns that are keeping your Survival Chakra blocked and BREAK THEM.


Identify which of the above you’re lacking. Rinse + repeat. DON’T take these suggestions lightly.


Trauma or change can cause you to pull up your roots.  It takes time, there’s no quick fix – prioritise these actions to move forward.