5 signs your inner child is being triggered...⠀ - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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5 signs your inner child is being triggered…⠀

A few days ago I was *majorly* triggered  – as in I had a full on tantrum & refused to leave the house ( it happens people, it happens! ) 

Anyway, after I calmed down … I felt A) extremely grateful to be able to spot what was *really* going on for me…  &  beyond blessed I had the tools to deal with the emotions I was experiencing (otherwise, let’s just say things could have seriously gotten out of hand.)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

So, here’s 5 signs your inner child is being triggered:

– You ‘blow things out of proportion’ & despite knowing you’re being OTT your emotions get the better of you & you just can’t stop!

– You avoid people – especially those who triggered you & worry about seeing them… you want to stay safe at home & avoid everyone & everything.

– You resource to ‘people-pleasing’ to solve your issues. You’d rather not have conflict & it would feel much easier not to deal with ‘what’s actually going on’ – so you over compensate!

– You want to always be ‘the best’ – & if you can’t be ‘the best’ – you don’t want to play.  This can show up as being unable to be happy for friends or choosing not to get involved.

– You can’t shift your negative mood no matter how hard you try… you just can’t shake it – it feels like you’ve hit a wall & you don’t know how to emotionally feel better.

You’ll notice the symptoms of wounded inner child are so varied – from extreme outbursts to extreme solitude.

In Part 2 tomorrow I’ll share a few techniques on how you can re-parent your inner child, heal & move forward!