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[7-Day Meditation Challenge]

What’s included? 


1. 2 x Videos of Alice guiding you through the challenge

2. Kundalini Meditation (including tuning in and out of your session.)

3. Personal stories of how meditation has helped Alice

Begin your free meditation challenge

[How to prepare for a year filled with love, adventure and connection]

What’s inside? 


1. This is a 44 page workbook designed to guide, coach and inspire you

2. A four step process on how to prepare for a year filled with love, adventure and connection

3. Personal stories from my journey of overcoming fear and making positive change

4. 17 powerful questions to ask yourself before you set any goals or intentions (Personally I’ve found number 15 and number 25 to be the most powerful questions I asked in 2017!)

5. Tools to gain clarity on what you truly want this year (not what you think you should want!)

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[My Mindful Christmas]

What’s inside? 


1. A mini-mindful Christmas meditation

2. 5 festive hot drinks for your morning ritual

3. 16 Mindful & fun festive activities

4. 3 questions you must add to your mindful toolbox this season

5. Your very own planner for Dec & Jan to plan it all in!

Download your free copy