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Ready to feel like a total zen warrior every single day?

Then this free 7-day meditation challenge is for you girlfriend! 

On this page you’ll find:

 Step by step guide on how to complete the 7-day challenge


 A video sharing a little bit of context about the challenge and my personal journey with the meditation I’m going to share with you


 A video of me guiding you through the Kundalini Meditation Practice (including how to tune in and out of a Kundalini Session.) 


STEP 1: Introduction 

A few reminders: 


 Choose the time you’re going to practice each day


 Choose the place where you’re going to sit each day


 Prepare your space so you can roll into your meditation in the morning


 Share your challenge with someone you trust so you can hold yourself accountable


 Come say hi on my latest Instagram (@aliceallum) and Facebook Post and let me know you’re joining us (meet your fellow zen warriors too!)

STEP 2: The Meditation Practice 

✓ Once you pick up the meditation you may want to guide yourself through the meditation with some relaxing music. 


 If you choose to guide yourself through this for the next 7-days rather than watching the video each time I’d recommend working your way up from as little as 3 minutes each day to 30 minutes (if you’re a total badass!)


 Over the 7-Days you may find you want to alter the meditation to meet your needs – go for it! you may enjoy brining in some mindful moving or some deep breathes – the key is to make this a practise you look forward to! But first we have to give ourselves chance to experience the benefits of meditation – once you experience the benefits – girllll, you gonna wanna be getting high off this everyday! 

STEP 3: Holding yourself accountable

 Set an alarm for the next 7-days to prompt you to do your meditation


✓ Connect with WHY you want to do this 7-day challenge – for me it’s about becoming more disciplined and raising my vibration so I can become a magnet for all I desire.


✓ Tell someone close to you about your challenge so they can support you and help you stay accountable.


 Hop on over to my latest Instagram and Facebook post to let me and everyone else know you’re doing the challenge – you will meet others there doing it to – don’t be afraid to cheer them on!

Want to take your journey one step further? 

Email [email protected] to find out more about private coaching and mentoring, local Moon Parties (think high vibe meditation and a ready-made sisterhood!) and my up and coming retreats!