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North Yorkshire Yoga Retreat 2021

Summer Solstice Day Retreat | Sat 19th June 2021

A luxury all inclusive day retreat in North Yorkshire (close to Roseberry Topping) with Alice Allum & three special guests.



[Meet your host!]

Hello! My name’s Alice, I’m a Women’s Coach, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher and soon to be qualified Ayurveda & Tantra Coach – but most importantly, I’m your host for our Summer Solstice Day Retreat 2021! ♡


I’m so excited to invite you to this beautiful Day Retreat here in North Yorkshire in the most stunning & tranquil venue surrounded by hills, trees, woodland and even one of the North’s most beloved landmarks – Roseberry Topping! (You’re going to be blown away when you arrive!) 


After a year of total madness, come and enjoy a full day of me-time, rejuvenation and beautiful spiritual experiences. This day retreat will relax, inspire and also give you tools you can use in your every day life to stay connected to your inner truth. You don’t have to have done anything like this before to enjoy the benefits – in fact, I encourage you to join us even more if this is your first event of this nature! You’ll love it!

[What’s included?]

This all inclusive Day Retreat includes:

(Please note there are more details further down this web page, this is a quick glance for your eyes to feast on!)


  • Experience a luxury day in gorgeous countryside away from the fast pace of normal life.
  • Delicious, nourishing and colourful vegetarian lunch and juices!
  • Welcome circle and celebration with Alice to arrive and connect.
  • Fresh green juices upon arrival and warming herbal teas throughout the day.
  • Kundalini Yoga class and chanting mantra with Alice
  • Outdoor Sacred Gong healing session with Florrie under the trees and clear blue skies!
  • Sacred Shamanic Sound Healing and Chakra Tuning Session with Bernie French!
  • Special Summer Solstice Closing Ceremony with Alice!
  • Time to explore the gorgeous meadows, grounds and flowing stream.
  • Meet other wonderful like-minded women (many women go on to say they have met ‘their tribe for life!’ Just beautiful!)
  • Enjoy free time to just relax and enjoy this lush location.
  • Vegan sweet treats for grounding before floating home in your bliss bubble!


Please note all workshops/activies are optional, for example if you would like to relax by the stream or in the gardens rather than join us for a short walk, that’s absolutely fine – this retreat is for you so follow your bliss! 


(The above is just a quick glance…as you scroll down the page you’ll find out more juicy details about the workshops, venue, nourishing food and of course your guest teachers!)

Your three special guest teachers! 

I’m so excited to have these three gorgeous souls join us for this beautiful Day Retreat. You’re going to be blown away when you experience their magic in their own zone of genius. I feel very blessed to say they will be joining us for the full day to share their gifts with all of you!

Meet Florrie

Florrie is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher who’s true love lies in Gong Sound Therapy. After falling in love with the healing benefits of the Gong Florrie devoted her time to training so she could share the healing vibrations with the world!


Florrie will be joining us to deliver a relaxing, healing and powerful Gong Session under the trees and with the healing sound of bird song!

Meet Emma

Emma is one of my dearest friends and an incredible Holistic Therapist (I call her the Earthy Witch Woman!) She’s also a Kundalini Teacher, Meditation Teacher and all round Medicine Woman!


Emma will be weaving her magic in and out throughout the day and sessions to ensure you’re having the most magical experience and time! (Ask her anything you like about any of the practises we’ll be enjoying throughout the day!)

Meet Bernie

Bernie is a Sacred Sound Shaman, Counsellor and Psychotherapist who began her journey in Colarado back in 2008. Since then Bernie has combined her experience as a professional classical singer and healer to offer her gifts all over the world – including sound healing on the beach by the Red Sea in Egypt. (As soon as I experienced this woman’s magic I knew I had to ask her to be a guest at our Retreat – wait until you hear her Flute!) 


Bernie will be guiding us through a session to tune our chakras using our voices before she leads us into a deep relaxation using her own divine voice and instruments – the didgeridoo, singing bowls, drum and flute!

[The venue]

Ahh, this dreamy venue is positioned perfectly on the edge of the North York Moors – from the moment you arrive the scenes of Roseberry Topping, the hills and ranch like fields of horses will take your breath away! Wrays Barn, where we will meet is surrounded by trees, nestled Scandanavian luxury lodges and a flowing stream to tickle all your senses!


I have rented out the WHOLE barn, its garden’s and hidden terrace for us to enjoy completely to ourselves (not to mention the beautiful stream and wild meadows on our doorstep  – it’s a true place of serenity and peace!)


This venue is within 1hr driving distance of most North East and North Yorkshire Towns and Cities.


As you scroll down this web page you’ll be able to find out more about your luxury venue for the day. 


For specific address details, please scroll down to the ‘Travel Details’ section. The venue is easy to find, with free parking and great transport links too! (Venue is within hour or most North East & North Yorkshire Towns and cities.) 

[Vegan nourishing lunch, juices and sweet treats! ]

Upon arrival you will be greeted with a nutritious fresh green juice, you’ll have access to infused water and healing herbal teas throughout the day and of course our amazing vegan chef will be preparing a beautiful Buddha bowl style lunch for you – full of vitality and colour!


You’ll also be treated to a mouth watering vegan sweet treat during our closing ceremony to ground – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! I’ve worked closely with our incredibly chef to design a menu for the day that will  energise you, refresh you, but also fill you up!


*All dietary requirements can be catered for. Once you’ve registered your space, please email [email protected] outlining your requirements. 

[Kundalini Yoga & Chanting Mantra with Alice]

After our Welcome Circle I’ll be kicking off our Day Retreat with a Kundalini Yoga class to warm up the body and soul! 


If you’ve never tried Kundalini Yoga – don’t worry! Kundalini Yoga is a ancient practise focusing on the breath, mindful movement and chanting Mantra to clear the energy system.  I’ll be teaching a gentle, beautiful class focused on cleansing the Chakras and moving the body in a feminine, soft and clearing way.


Back in 2019 I trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher after experiencing life changing results from the unique practise and most of all powerful shifts from chanting sacred Mantra. (Which we’ll do together on this day – I can’t wait!) 


Following the Kundalini class I will teach you a Mantra which we will chant aloud together to set our intentions deeply for the second half of the year. This is great for your Throat Chakra (the Chakra of creation!) and also one of the most uplifting and rewarding spiritual practises you can do in a group!


*Please note no yoga experience is required – this is a gentle class focused on mindful movement and somatic healing. This is not Hatha Yoga and we do not do any difficult stretches or challenging poses – you will love it! It’s all about cleansing the energy system!

[Sacred Gong Sound Healing with Florrie]

Ahhh, now it wouldn’t be a Retreat without a sacred sound Gong session would it?!


After your Kundalini Yoga Session you will snuggle down to enjoy a unique Sacred Gong Healing Session outdoors surrounded by the silhouette of the trees and bright blue skies – dreamy!


The healing vibrations of the gong will ripple through you, cleansing your aura, lifting your vibration and re-setting your nervous system – remember we can only handle in life what our nervous system can handle! Regular nervous system releases and re-sets are needed for a balanced and fulfilled life (especially after 2020!)


We’re excited for you to experience Florrie’s magic for this rare opportunity of outdoor sound healing! Just being the presence of Florrie will ground and nourish you into a state of love and bliss!

[Shamanic Healing with Bernie]

Wow – where to begin for this session?! It truly is a blessing to have Bernie with us for this event – she will sweep you away to a far away sacred land with her wise soul, healing voice and divine connection to the Earth and her instruments.


Bernie will guide us through a fun Chakra Tuning exercise using our own voices followed by a healing session with her own voice, Flute, drum, singing bowls and… Didgeridoo! (Be prepared to be swept away – we are going all out!)


The moment I first experienced this woman’s magic I knew I had to invite her to share her magic with you all and I’m deeply grateful she is traveling to be with us all! All I’ll say is – you don’t want to miss this!

Wellness and yoga retreat in the Uk with Alice Allum

[Solstice Closing Ceremony with Alice]

To close our day together I’ve planned a super special Solstice celebration. We’ll meet on the Deck outside where you’ll be invited to gather offerings from the Earth to bring into the centre of our circle before I lead you through a traditional Goddess Ceremony.


We’ll join to honour the lightest day of the year and give thanks to the Sun God – reflect back on the lessons learned and set prayers and intentions for ourselves and our family and friends for an abundant harvest in the coming Autumn!


Expect singing, dancing and time together around the fire as the sun begins to move over the hills. This will be a special closing of sisterhood and deep connection with self.


Following the ceremony we’ll enjoy vegan sweet treats with the trees whilst  listening to amazing music and the sound of the birds!


There will be a range of wonderful surprises throughout the day  but I’ll keep some of the details close to my chest!

[Book your space]

Saturday 19th June 2021  



Including nourishing vegan lunch, fresh juices, sound healing gong workshop, Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Workshop, Shamanic Workshop and Closing Solstice Ceremony!


Places are limited to 20 spaces only & booking is essential so we advise booking your place as soon as possible.

Ticket: £120 


To secure your space follow the Pay Pal ‘Buy Now’ button below. 


Here’s a rough schedule of what you can expect throughout the day:


10am – 10:30am  – Registration with fresh welcome juices!

10:30am – Welcome circle with Alice

11am – Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Chanting with Alice

12pm – Gong Sound Healing with Florrie under the trees

1pm – Nourishing Vegan Lunch & healing herbal teas

(time to explore the stunning venue, sit by the flowing stream or walk through the colourful meadows.)

2:30pm – Outdoor Shamanic Healing and Chakra Tuning with Bernie and her instruments!

4pm – Summer Solstice Closing Ceremony with Alice by the fire

5:30pm – Vegan Sweet Dessert and warming herbal teas

6pm onwards – Enjoy the stunning nature and say goodbye. 

(Please note this schedule may shift and change on the day due to weather etc.) 


This will be a weekend of rejuvenation, self love, fun and so much more! It will be a chance for you to connect with other women who are on a similar journey (the best part!) and you’ll leave feeling refreshed, confident, connected to your truth and ready to take another step forward on your true path.


Click ‘Buy Now’ Pay Pal Button to claim your spot! 

[Travel Details]

Whinestone View,

Great Ayton,

North Yorkshire.



Approximate travel times:  

Newcastle: 1hr driving

Sunderland: 50 mins driving

Durham: 50 mins driving

Darlington: 30 mins driving

Leeds: 1hr driving

York: 1hr driving

Manchester: 2hr driving

Great Ayton: 10 mins drive

Local Training Station: Great Ayton Train station


If you’re traveling far and wish to make a weekend out of this and explore the hills and beautiful North York Moors there’s many local Air B n Bs and hotels. 


To book your space on this Day Retreat, click the ‘Book Now’ Link below and reserve your ticket. If you’re unable to pay via pay pal and wish to pay with an alternative method, please email [email protected].


We cannot reserve a place without payment as there are limited spots available so we do advise booking as soon as possible

Ready to join the Summer Solstice Day Retreat?

Saturday 19th June  


TOTAL: £120


To secure your space follow the Pay Pal ‘Buy Now’ button below. 


What if I’m coming to the Retreat alone?
Great! I’ve been to many events like this – some alone and some with friends and what I find is that by the end of the event, I’ve met so many wonderful women. Myself and the rest of the retreat team will be there to welcome you and introduce you to everyone – trust me, as soon as you’ll arrive you’ll feel right at home!


Does it matter that I’ve never done yoga or meditation before?

No absolutely not. All that matters is you have an open heart and feel excited about the schedule for the day.


I have special dietary requirements…will there be food for me?

Of course. Just send me your requirements ([email protected]) and I’ll be sure to pass those on to our wonderful Vegan chef. When you arrived we will let you know which meals are for your requirements. 


I don’t have a car…am I able to get their via train?
Yes. Great Ayton train station is a 6 minute taxi ride away and Nunthorpe train station is a 12 minute taxi drive away.


Do I need extra money for anything else?

This is an all inclusive day retreat so the price of the day retreat covers your food (lunch, juices, teas and sweet treats) as well as all the workshops and experiences outlined in the schedule above. So, nope, no extra money is needed.


What about Covid Measures? 

We will be following the governments guidelines and we will have a sanitising station accessible throughout the day. You will also have access to bathrooms where you can regularly wash your hands and of course we will be spending time outside when possible as well as keeping the rooms well ventilated.


Have any other questions? Simply email me at [email protected] – I would recommend asking your questions ASAP as I wouldn’t want the retreat to sell out whilst you wait for a response – it’s going to be just wonderful! 

[What happens once I buy my ticket?]

Once you join you will receive a confirmation and welcome email from me (Alice)! It will be my pleasure to send you this – I can’t wait!  If you don’t receive this, please do email [email protected]

A week before the Day Retreat you will receive a reminder email as well as a more detailed break down of the schedule and anything else you may need to know. 

What else should I know? 

Your ticket is non-refundable however if you are unable to join us we are happy for you to gift or sell your space to a friend or family member that is absolutely fine just please do let us know so we can update the details. (We can’t wait to meet you!)


“I’ve been practicing mindful meditation for about a year, so was excited by the prospect of joining a friend for my first ever weekend retreat. I’d been following Alice on Instagram and had signed up for her weekly Love Mail. My friend had joined a one day workshop with Alice previously and highly recommended the retreat. However I wasn’t sure what to expect.

From the moment I arrived I felt so comfortable and welcome. I was surrounded by about 15 wonderful women, from all parts of the country and all on their own personal journey of growth.

The retreat was a glorious weekend of self discovery, with guided meditation sessions, beautiful gratitude sessions alongside a glorious vegan feast throughout the weekend and time to journal and capture your thoughts, chat with the inspirational women and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

I revelled in the opportunity to experience so many firsts – my first Reiki treatment, which was frankly unbelievable. It literally blew my mind and I loved having the chance to try it.

My first Kundalini yoga – unbelievable; my first ever sound bath with an amazing vibration gong – mind blowing. My first full moon circle! My first yoga Nindra and the list goes on.

I felt the retreat gave me the opportunity to seek out my personal truth, giving me the opportunity to forgive myself and others for fears and mistakes of the past. I felt the retreat cemented my desire for personal happiness and allowed me to step into my future with clarity and confidence.

I believe it was no coincidence that whilst I was at the retreat a work offer came in that surpassed all of my expectations, as I develop my consultancy business. I think the universe really worked to support me, thanks to the retreat.


“I feel so much more energised and in love with life again, thank you for helping me bring my authentic spark back again!! 🙏🏽✨

I cannot wait for more of your events and I do hope we can meet again, loved your energy, gorg warmth and fun vibes!! ☺️🙏🏽💞

It was lovely to meet Lisa, the teachers and other like minded people too 💛

You were so natural, in flow, confident and warm, because of that, there was such a gorgeous energy in the room and I felt immediately at home. The fact you knew who I was straight away and both you and Lisa greeted me with a hug, I was so grateful and felt so valued.

Thank you for a special day and creating such a warm, homely, authentic and loving space for us all to share.

I really do appreciate What you do and just wanted to pass on my positive feedback to you.”


“What Alice created on the Autumn retreat I attended in November was nothing short of modern alchemy, a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, and combination. Delicious vegan food, meditation sessions and sitting in circle to name just a few of the things on the menu for the weekend. Every aspect of the weekend was well planned and thoughtfully put together. The venue was very luxurious and Alice and her team had set it up to be the perfect zen den with candles, log fires and flowers for our arrival.
After two months I can reflect on some of the things I’ve taken away from the retreat. Here are the most notable ones,
⭐️ Getting clear on my dreams and taking steps towards them
⭐️ Letting go of some unhealthy habits and replacing them with loving choices.
⭐️ Enhancing my home environment to support my meditation practice
⭐️ Letting go of some limiting beliefs that were holding me back

Huge thanks to the special guest teachers who joined Alice as part of her Be Team,.”


Ready to join Alice at the Summer Solstice Day Retreat in North Yorkshire?

Saturday 19th June 2021  


Including nourishing vegan lunch, fresh juices, sound healing gong workshop, Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Workshop, Shamanic Workshop and Closing Solstice Ceremony!

Places are limited to 20 spaces only & booking is essential so we advise booking your place as soon as possible.

Ticket: £120 

To secure your space follow the Pay Pal ‘Buy Now’ button below.

[Memories from previous events]