My Beautiful Life | 10 Week Programme - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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How to live a feel good life

This is the programme I wish I’d had access to when I was feeling lost, disconnected and in need of guidance!

What’s included?

Gain Clarity on what it is you truly want…leave behind the frustration of feeling lost and unsure.


✓ Understand what’s holding you back and how to actually move forward with confidence. (Overcome fear and move forward feeling supported)


  10 pieces of Love Work (modules) covering topics such as ‘What is your true identity?’, ‘Learning to speak your truth’ and ‘How to build a support system of people who create an environment for you to really flourish into the woman you know you were born to BE’ and ‘Identify Patterns that are holding you back’.


 6 x 2hr bi-weekly private coaching calls with Alice focused on your journey, goals and desired outcome.


✓ Cultivate a mindset and belief system that acctually supports you in creating your vision and connecting deeper with your truth. Our life really is a reflection

 Weekly challenges to take your learning from theory to practical (the challenges have turned out to be the most loved part of the programme!)


 We’ll connect on Whats App so you can receive regular informal support in-between coaching sessions – I’m here with you on your journey!


 Tool-Box full of meditations, visualisations, music playlists and reading lists to support you along the way.


  Your own private online Portal so you can access Love-Work and challenges on the go (t’s mobile and device friendly) – You’ll get set-up as soon as we get started and I’ll upload all your weekly Love Work, Challenges and extra material on here. 


 Pre-work to get you set up and ready to begin your 10 week journey. This will help you get the most out of your first coaching session too!


 A practical course where you actually start living life in a new way from the moment you sign up! (Exactly what I needed – if you’re anything like me you’ve probably read all the books, been to all the workshops and tried all the meditations – the key now is to start living it!)

 Have accountability in your life so you actually start doing the work it takes to create a beautiful life!

A little glance at your weekly Love-Work, challenges and tool box…


  Pre-work (Setting your intentions, getting honest with where you are and writing your commitment to yourself)


  Your Perfect Day (Exploring Quantum Leaping and what success actually looks like to you)


 Making Space in your life and preparing to welcome the new


 Finding and re-connecting with your voice


 Exploring your identity and your relationship with yourself (inc. adopted identities and people pleasing)


 Building your village (How to create a strong support system and tribe to encourage you to blossom into your truth and step into your power)


 Setting a vision aligned with your truth


  Morning Routines & Rituals to support you in creating the life you desire (Design routines, habits and rituals that you LOVE and that support you in working towards the life you truly desire.)


  Your Beautiful State of Mind Planner (Building an infrastructure to manage your mindset and life a fun, connected and feel-good life) 


 The Power of Gratitude Journaling and living life full of joy

Interested to know if this programme is right for you?

I always recommend having a quick call to ensure we’re a right fit for each other and to give you the chance to experience my coaching first hand.


Email [email protected] to arrange your complimentary session.

I’m looking forward to it already! 


“I had my first ever coaching session with Alice and I can put my hand on my heart and say it changed my life. During the first session we outlined my self-limiting beliefs and goals, which was to work on my self-confidence.


She made me realize that I have the power within me to achieve whatever I set my mind to. 


Without Alice’s help I would have never been able to make my dreams a reality.”