Creative Coaching Programme - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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We must dare to listen to that creative magic in our heart and allow it to grow and blossom.

[What’s the Creative Programme?]

We all have so many wonderful ideas, dreams, business plans – and my goodness so we should.


This programme has been created for those of you who are ready to nurture that magic, that dream, that business and let it grow.

Not only will I work with you to gain clarity, over come challenges, motivate, support and hold you accountable, I will support you in launching your business online too…


  • Support in building your first website
  • Launch your social media feeds
  • Create a strong brand
  • Graphic Design


With a background in strategic marketing and owner of a marketing agency, I can support you every step of the way from idea to launch.

[What’s included?]

There are two elements to The Creative Coaching Programme which make it unique and beautifully life changing…

  1. One-on-One Coaching with Alice (Bi-weekly sessions)
  2. Marketing support and delivery

Just as your idea is unique and wonderful in its own ways, so is The Creative Coaching Programme.



Each creative coaching programme runs over a period of 3 months,

[How do I start?]

The Creative Coaching Programme is one of my favourite programmes. Even as I’m writing this I feel so excited for the next woman to sign up.


In this programme you will not only get clarity on your vision, nurture, grow, develop, take action and inspire yourself, you will complete the programme with a strong platform (web, social, branding) to launch your idea or business.

This programme will be one of those magic moments in life where you allow yourself to step into the next level of what’s possible for you.



This programme is for those of you who are ready to take that next big step into BE-coming their most powerful self and creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I’m so excited to hear about your idea or dream but I’m even more excited you’re ready to let it grow.


To sign up for The Creative Coaching Programme email [email protected]