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The Sisterhood_Monthly Spiritual Membership

Your online Spiritual Monthly Membership – the place for you to learn Astrology, Ayurveda and the ancient ways of women.

“I joined The Sisterhood 16 months ago, it’s the best membership I’ve ever invested in. It’s my non negotiable each month – it will be your greatest investment in yourself ”

(Louise Barkas, UK, Sisterhood Member.)

Every month you’ll receive brand new videos on Astrology for the upcoming month, Ayurvedic Self-Care Practises and Ancient wisdom teachings.

You’ll also be invited to join Alice live 2 x per month for live teachings and ceremony.  (Plus! You’ll gain instant access to a library of  training videos and tutorials!)

Access to life changing Bonus Training Videos:

So, what will you get in your membership?

✓ Brand new content each month aligned with the Zodiac Season so you can be in tune with the natural energies and manifest with ease.


 Join Alice live online every month around the New Moon & Full Moon to be led through a beautiful Moon ritual with all the other women in The Sisterhood (The dates for these are released each month.)


 Spiritual, Mindset & Manifestation workshops, teachings and trainings.


 Powerful techniques that Alice shares only with private 1-2-1 coaching & mentoring clients.


 Learn how to work with the natural cycles so you can become a powerful manifestor!


 Guided Mediations & Activations  to raise your vibration & clear your blocks.


 Self-care routines, practises & spiritual tools.


 Monthly Book Club to deepen your spiritual knowledge.


Affordable monthly cost!! (But enough to hold you accountable!)


 Be part of the most amazing Sisterhood of Spiritual women.

Each month you’ll receive a new ‘Medicine Bag’ inside your membership site packed with video trainings, tools, teachings & practises to support you. Each month’s content is aligned with the Zodiac Seasons. So for example in June you will receive tools to help you harness Gemini energy. On top of that you have online monthly trainings and moon rituals led by Alice.

2 x Live Monthly Sessions with Alice 

Join Alice live twice a month via Zoom around the time of the New Moon and Full Moon – each session is unique an and focused on Spiritual experiences from ritual, to Kundalini chanting, journaling and self care practises.


✓ All you need to do is login to the live gathering on Zoom, bring your journal & pen (and sage & candles if you wish!) & cosy in for an hour of magic.


✓ This is the perfect way to raise your vibration each month, centre yourself & stay connected to your highest self so you can manifest powerfully.


(Once you become a member details of all up & coming live moon rituals canoe found in the ‘dates for your diary’ section in the membership site.)

The Investment:


Join us for just £39.99 monthly!


 ✓ You can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee. (Join us for as long or as little as you like – there’s no contract to tie you in! You’ve got nothing to loose!)


 Instant access to The Sisterhood Membership Portal and all the spiritual trainings and tools inside – dive straight in to Astrology, Ayurveda, Self Care and Spiritual Practises!


 New Monthly content is uploaded to your membership portal every single month packed with new spiritual content, trainings and teachings.


 2 x live Moon Gatherings with Alice via Zoom each month (Scheduled around the Full and New Moon).


 Invitation to our private Facebook & Instagram community so you can be notified about upcoming events and connect with other women in The Sisterhood.


 Price locked – your monthly cost will never increase even if we do increase the price to new members.


 Plus all of the listed benefits on this page above.

Example of trainings inside the membership  portal: 

✓ The 8 Phases of the Moon and how to harness the moons natural energy each month as a woman.


 The 5 stages on the path to Spiritual Growth & Wisdom (including the journey your soul will go on from Karma, Dharma and Destiny.)


Healing with Opposites – a workshop sharing ancient Ayurveda framework for balancing energy.


Understanding your Chakras and how to balance them for energetic upgrade. 


Astrology Workshops including: The Four elements of the Zodiac, the modalities of the Zodiac, What is Eclipse Season and Understanding the planets. 


 Step by step process on how to get into alignment so you can manifest and create your future vision with more ease and less resistance.


The 6 Stages to manifestation – this is Alice’s personal method so you can actually understand (logically) how to bring your vision into reality.


The Drama Triangle – How to break toxic patterns that you weren’t even aware you had (this is possibly the most powerful training and will change your life.)


✓ Plus many more!


(Once you become a member you will receive instant access to all of the above trainings and workshops plus many more!)

Meet your host & guide on this journey:

Hi, Sister!


I’m Alice – a Spiritual Coach, Healer and soon to be Qualified Ayurveda Coach. I’m also a Qualified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher and the Founder of the BE Retreats…but most importantly I’m a woman just like you who’s madly and deeply in love with the Cosmos, Mother Earth and living a deeply connected life!


I initially started this membership for my clients – the women who attended my Women’s Circle’s, Retreats and mentoring programme’s – it was a way for me to continue sharing these ancient teachings in depth and to support them from afar. It’s now grown into an incredible training and learning portal for spiritual women and I’m so excited for you to join us!


Whether you’re new to your spiritual path, you’re ready to go deeper or you’re simply want to have regular Astrology and energy updates – you’re in the right place. I’ve supported hundreds of women connect deeper to their truth & manifest their desires & I’d love to support you too!


If you’re looking to learn new spiritual practises, learn more about Astrology, Ayurveda, Ancient Self care and become a powerful manifestor, deepen your connection with yourself & Spirit (all whilst meeting incredible women just like you!) click below to dive in & get started!


Q. How often do we get new content in the membership?

A. On top of all the ready-available content, every month you will receive a new ‘Medicine Bag’ which is full of new teachings, tools and rituals aligned with the Zodiac Season.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love learning new spiritual teachings and tools – we’ve got you covered!

Alongside your monthly medicine bag you have access to different vaults within the membership such as ‘Spiritual Trainings with Alice’, ‘Astrology workshops’, ‘Self-Care Rituals’, & ‘Meditations’.


Q. When will the next live online training with Alice be?

A. Alice hosts 2 x live trainings or rituals each month – one around the time of the New Moon, the other around the Full Moon. Inside the membership there is a section called ‘Dates for your diary’ – in this section you will find dates for up and coming live trainings. There’s always great trainings happening each month – and it’s super special when everyone is live online together! (All replays are added to the portal if you’re unable to join live!) 


Q. What is the cancelation policy?

A. You can cancel your membership with The Sisterhood at anytime. If you join and find its not for you…you can cancel your membership (although we doubt that’ll happen!) You are not tied into any type of contract.

Q. I’m super busy, will it work for me?

A. The Membership is set up so you can listen/watch what you like when you like. There’s no race, you just enjoy watching or listening to the content at your own pace depending on your own needs or desires – for example one month you may focus more on the Astrology trainings, and the next month you may focus more on the self-care practises or just enjoy joining the live sessions – this membership is here to support you.

Q. What if I can’t make the monthly live sessions with Alice? 

A. Every live session is recorded and uploaded to the membership portal within 24hrs. If you can’t join live you can watch the replay in your own time.

Q. I can’t decide if this is right for me – should I enrol in the membership? 

A. If you are feeling called, led and inspired to join us, then I recommend you follow your inner guidance. No one can make the decision for you, but with a ‘cancel anytime’ policy and if you’re feeling called to join us, trust your heart and hop on in! What have you got to loose?!

What our members are saying…

Join us for just £39.99 monthly & Cancel anytime!

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