- Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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Hey you! Your inner badass challenge starts here!

A (free!) 30 day challenge to re-connect with your inner truth!

[Hey you!]

Welcome to The BE Platform, the platform dedicated to your journey towards happiness, BE-coming your true powerful self and living a life you’ve always dreamed of.


I’m Alice, an authenticity coach and I believe there’s unlimited power in BEing your true self. I BE-lieve a great life is built upon small acts and rituals that fulfill your soul, keep you connected to yourself and challenge you to step further into the person you know you can BE.


I’m here to help you create a life that makes YOU happy.


For tools, guides, inspiration and programmes, scroll down!

1-2-1 coaching

I work with women, just like you, to help them gain clarity, build confidence, overcome barriers and break goals down into achievable steps to help you reach your goals & ultimately live your dream life.

If you’re ready to make a shift in your life and want to feel supported & motivated along the way, this may be the course for you.


Self care and feeling like your best self plays a big role in BE-coming the person you know you were born to be. taking the time to be still, relax and gain clarity is a key ingredient to creating a life you love. 

Tools & Inspiration

From self coaching tools to energy boosting smoothie recipes, meditations and affirmations, there’s a range of material here to support you on your journey to BE-coming the best version of yourself.

Everything I share here is from my own life and practices, it’s my mission to sprinkle you all with a little love to support you on your journey!

[Design your dream lifestyle!]

Maybe you’ve a vision for your life where you wake up everyday and feel amazing, you no longer hold back in life and finally feel in control of your destiny.


Maybe you know exactly what you need to do and exactly how you need to do it, but something’s holding you back…


Whatever your vision is for your life, you can have it and I know you don’t need me to tell you that. But maybe it seems too far away, or you don’t have that gold dust support system around you to help you through the days of doubt? Or maybe you’re a procrastinator and you need someone to hold you accountable?


I work with women one on one to help them get from where they are, to where they want to be.


1-2-1 coaching is an investment in yourself, it’s a commitment to BE-coming the person you want to be BE and creating a life you love.



“What struck me immediately was Alice’s warmth and positivity. She is personable and passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through coaching. Her enthusiasm and encouragement was the final nudge I needed.

Alice encouraged me to start small, but get started. I’m very grateful to Alice for her coaching skills; for her innate empathy, ability to connect the dots and encourage positive action. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”