What you need to know about Astrology right now… ? {Part 1} - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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15 May What you need to know about Astrology right now… ? {Part 1}

As of today we have 4 planets Retrograde ? – Pluto, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter – it’s a big week not just in the Cosmos but in our lives too ?.

(I’m going to break down each Planet’s Retrograde in separate posts – but for now I want to give you a quick overview??.)

Here’s an analogy I’ve been sharing with my coaching clients – I want you to think of a bow and arrow… ? in order to safely and successfully fire an arrow forward to reach the desired target, the first thing an Archer must do is draw the arrow back – yes? ?Well that’s exactly what the energies are asking of you – to roll your shoulders back, line your body up to the target, stretch your heart open as you pull the draw string back…. And then (only then!) do you fire the arrow forward. ?

You’re being asked to *pull back* before you move forward – to think about the role you’ve been playing in your life up until now – how you have (or haven’t!) been responsible for your circumstances? And what must you tweak/heal/do differently?

Remember the Lunar nodes changed sign (see previous post) – we are closing one Karmic Cycle and beginning another ☯️ what got us through our last cycle wont necessarily get us through our next ??– the planets are asking you to slow down so you can uncover the answers to these questions and also bring closure to some areas of your life.

Retrogrades help you realign with where you’re heading by guiding you to take stock of what you must shift from the inside out – what must be left behind, forgiven, carried forward or transformed. ??

If people, situations or memories from the past arise, don’t ignore – ask; What must I re-write or revisit about this part of my story? And How would the most loving evolved part of myself respond to this? ❤️

Tomorrow in Part 2 I’ll be talking about Saturn’s Retrograde – the planet known as ‘The Lord of Karma’. ?

In the meantime, I’d love to hear how the energies are showing up in your life right now? #ReconnectToYourTruth