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Last year I read a book by Oprah Winfrey called What I know for sure. Those of you close to me will know how much this book means to me. It transformed my world. When meeting new people I now love to ask What do you know for sure? It’s a fascinating question.

Rarely people will fire the question back at me, they’re too busy wondering what do I really know for sure?

And so, I’ve challenged myself with the same question and here’s what I’ve come to know for sure.

Six months ago I was falling in love with a woman and I had no idea. It wasn’t until the very moment we kissed that I realised what I had been feeling. It quite literally took my breath away. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

I know for sure true love can sweep you off your feet.  

When I was younger my parents had an extremely traumatic break-up, I watched their world fall apart and with it mine too. It was and still is one of the most painful experiences of my life. Each day seemed to last a life time and what I learnt was you must keep going, keep breathing, pain doesn’t last forever. My experiences continue to give me strength and prepare me for the hurdles I have ahead. 

I know for sure when the pain has passed, it is a blessing which will carry you through harder times. 

Two years ago I left a four-year relationship. I was ready to learn who I was by myself. It was intimidating and scary but also the most liberating, valuable time of my life. I wonder whether I will ever experience such a time again.. I learnt who I was alone. I began to discover what I believed in and what I enjoyed, what made me laugh, what I would tolerate, what I wouldn’t tolerate. I had time to explore my deepest thoughts.

I know for sure you must take the time to get to know who you really are.  

At school, I wanted to have fun, when I failed my exams I wanted to be clever, when I earnt my degree I wanted to work in business, when I became a shareholder, I wanted to start my own platform.. The cycle goes on. Daring to dream what seems the impossible is important. I’ve learnt to never put limits on what I’m capable of. We can achieve only as much as we dare to dream.

I know for sure we must all dare to dream.  

My body is sacred. I treasure it. But I haven’t always. I’m blessed with a slim figure. When I was at school I would be called ‘skinny’ and the boys would laugh because I had a small chest. Despite being told I had a beautiful figure, I always felt un comfortable. In college I experienced really bad acne, I would pretend I didn’t have enough money to go out with my friends, I didn’t go to festivals because I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide my face and I became extremely conscious of the way I looked.

I completed a 12 month acne treatment and it taught me to appreciate and love the way I look. It was as if the acne was here to teach me to be grateful. I now have beautiful clear skin and it’s taught me to appreciate my body, the way I look and be grateful for my health. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t feel thankful for clear skin and a slim figure.

I know for sure it takes time to learn to love your body. 

Sex is a beautiful thing and people should not feel ashamed of exploring what makes them feel good. As long as there’s mutual respect, why shouldn’t two people explore their bodies together? It’s a connection and it can be an incredible spiritual experience if you’re willing to let yourself go. I intend on having a lot of sex and those who don’t, I urge you to ask yourself – why not?

I know for sure sex is to be explored and enjoyed. 

When I was younger I wasn’t mature enough to understand my emotions and manage my feelings. I was a very angry, rebellious, insecure teenager. I made a lot of bad choices I’ve thankfully learnt from, I’ve been in a range of bizzare situations due to my bad behviouar and even to this day I feel I’m clearing my name for the choices I made years ago.

I’ve learnt we can only be responsible for our own actions, if we feel hurt or upset, we can only manage those feelings by accepting them and respecting ourselves through acting out of dignity and values. I’ve learnt to think about the outcome I want before acting through feelings.

I know for sure acting out of anger will not give you the results you want. 

Through my journey, my ups and downs, the biggest thing I know for sure is I’m a good person with a good heart.