There’s 6 Physic Abilities - which do you have? ?✨?? - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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07 Sep There’s 6 Physic Abilities – which do you have? ?✨??

The 6 types of intuitive senses are known as Clair Senses… often with clients I help them A) identify their abilities and B ) Learn how to strengthen and harness them… the first step is to acknowledge which ones are currently most developed within you…

1. Clairvoyance – you SEE images. You say things like: “I had a vision this would happen” or “I keep getting a vision that I must go to Bali” (Me! ??‍♀️?)
2. Clairaudiance – you HEAR messages. You say things like: “A voice keeps telling me to call my mum” or “I keep hearing the words “go see a doctor”. ??
3. Clairecognizace – you KNOW things. You say things like: “I just have this knowing that they’re going to say Yes” or “I just know if I take this step everything will work out.” ?
4. Clairesentience – You FEEL things. You say things like; “I just feel something good is coming” or “I can feel a big change is on its way and I must prepare.” ✨
5. Clairalience – You SMELL things. You say things like; “I can smell my Aunts Purfume” despite your Aunt not being close by.
6. Clairgustance – You TASTE things. You say things like: “I have a bad taste in my mouth” or “I can taste my grandpas cigars” despite your grandpa passing years earlier. ?
You may have one psychic ability, some, or all! As Spiritual Women, healers and coaches, it’s important to acknowledge your gifts and harness them for guidance . ??
I’d love to hear which of these 6 Psychic Abilities you feel you have… share in the comments below!