THE POWER OF INTENTION - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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About one year ago, I read a book by Oprah Winfrey called What I know for sure, at the time I didn’t realise but what I know for sure is this book changed my life in the most powerful way possible.

Recently I’m becoming more confident in choosing who I share my life with and who I share my energy with. I’ve become more aware of the intention behind my behavior and since I’ve seen better results with my life’s work and my own happiness and fulfilment.

Oprah introduced me to the principal of intention. It’s actually a principle Oprah references from Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul.

‘Every action, thought and feeling is motivated by an intention and that intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect. 

If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect. In this most profound way, we are held responsible for our very action, thought and feeling, which is to say, for our every intention…It is, therefore, wiser for us to become aware of our many intentions that inform our experience, to sort out which intentions produce which effects, and to choose our intentions according to the effects that we desire to produce’

One year ago, even six months ago, I was un certain of who I was. I questioned my opinions and doubted my abilities and that was because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted despite working so hard. It was this principle which made me realise much of my intention was to please others around me – to be liked, respected and event accepted – and so this had an effect on the outcome I received. With this intention filtering through to my thoughts and actions I kept experiencing unwanted outcomes and, at the time, I wasn’t quite sure why. I was intending one thing and expecting another.

When I started to reflect on the intention behind my behaviour, my actions and my responses and started to ask myself – what do I really want the outcome to be? I’ve gotten the result I was hoping for. It really is as simply as that.

I’ve learnt we’re all responsible for our own cirumstances and sate of mind, we play a big role in the results we receive, whether that’s an unhappy relationship, not receiving the promotion you feel you deserved or living a life you’re un aligned too. All of these results are a response to your intention – whether we like it or not.

Starting with the end goal in mind, we can take more control of our life, our situation and ultimately our happiness.

So when you’re faced with a challenge, a new opportunity or simply starting a new conversation, be aware of your intention. Are you delivering with the intention to be liked and respected? Or are you acting with the intention to get the results you really want?

It’s simple. Just start asking yourself ‘What’s my real intention here? Will it have the desired effect?’