Scorpio Supermoon 2021 - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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30 Apr Scorpio Supermoon 2021

Today’s Scorpio Supermoon asks you to pause AND listen as you prepare (once more!) to shed another layer… ????✨
This moon is revealing something you’ve TRIED to ignore – something you’d rather not deal with, have turned your back on or left lurking in the dark – but it’s time to face off with the parts of yourself or situations you’ve been avoiding – and deep down, you already know that it’s through this next transformation you will reach your deeper desires. ❤️
Remember – the universe loves you. She wants you to thrive, she wants you to face off, she wants you to reveal the next layer so you can emerge and rise.
Don’t feel helpless in the chaos, seek clarity and truth on what must be done. Be still and listen – don’t attach yourself to the pain – instead focus on the healing, the becoming.
Deep down you crave growth, you know it’s what you need, what you want – step up to the challenge and know the reward will be worth it. “You have everything it takes to fulfil the calling in your heart.” ❤️
Tonight – take stock. Pause. Don’t distract yourself with food, gossip, TV or ‘busyness’ – the messages are powerful, they’re not here to hurt you, instead they can guide you, teach you – don’t numb out, be present with what’s coming up for you.
The Cosmos are speaking – it’s your job to listen. ✨
Tonight at 8pm I’m leading a online Healing and Releasing Full Moon Session in The Sisterhood Membership ✨ – we’ll begin the night laid on our backs – surrendering, opening and releasing from the heart, the womb and sacral before I lead you into full surrender for inner guidance.
If you’re not yet a member and would love to join us tonight 8pm – follow the link below and I’ll see you 8pm! ?
All my love sister,
Alice ❤️ XO