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Root Chakra Golden Milk Recipe ✨🤎🐆

Yesterday on Instagram Stories I promised I would send you all my Root Chakra Golden Milk Recipe ✨🤎🐆 (it’s the perfect hot drink for tonight’s Aries Full Moon and help will help you ground into presence and conscious action… 🌝🐆

This Root Chakra Tonic includes 5 warming spices  – ingredients below… ✨👅

Also…  for everyone asking, details for winter/Christmas gathering in December will be coming soon – we’re just finalising a few things behind the scenes before I release the tickets! 🎉🎄✨🎁


My fave personal benefits of this healing hot drink: 

🤎 Grounding & Warming – this time of year our energy field can be impacted by the cool, dry air of Vata Season 🌪️🍁 – creating a feeling of chaos or too much change. The spices in this drink will ground you back into presence and peace. 😌

🤎 Uplifts your mood – Not only will the delicious golden colour of the milk smother you in abundance and joy, but the anti inflammatory qualities will calm your mood too. 🧡

🤎 Soothes the Nervous System – this hot drink is a tonic for your nervous system. Drink up, sit back… and let it work it’s magic! 🪄🐆

Ingredients and Method: 🥄✨

  1. Add 1 x cup of your preferred Nut Milk (I recommend a thick creamy coconut or oat milk 👅to small pan or frothing machine and bring to boil.
  2. Add 1/4 teaspoon of each of the following warming spices: Turmeric, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cinnamon and ground Cardamon  (Grounding and warming spices for Root Chakra and inner fire. 🔥)
  3. Sprinkle of freshly cracked black pepper – yum yum! 👌
  4. Add honey to taste if you’d like 🍯 (but I prefer without – sweet enough! 😉👅)

Stir it all together… slowly and meaningful… like you’re making love to life, preparing medicine, creating magic…🥄✨ (Let it be sacred and sensual .)

Drink in the golden liquid, inviting it to soothe each cell in your body and coat your inner world in abundance! 🪄🐆


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