One of my biggest fears about moving to the hills was that I’d get super lonely. - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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30 Apr One of my biggest fears about moving to the hills was that I’d get super lonely.

One of my biggest fears about moving to the hills was that I’d get super lonely.
But 5 years ago I made a decision to never live a “WHAT IF” life… For example;??
“I can’t move to the country because WHAT IF I get lonely!” ?
“I can’t run a Retreat because WHAT IF no one buys a ticket!” ?
“I can’t invest in that training because WHAT IF it doesn’t pay off?!” ?
When I find myself in a ‘WHAT IF’ cycle, I complete these 3 lists… ??(my clients love this!)
Here’s how the lists looked when we were deciding whether or not to move here…
The first list: What will happen if we DON’T move to the hills…
– I’ll always wonder if the grass is greener.
– I’ll feel like I’m shrinking not expanding.
– I may resent myself in the future.
– I could be missing out on living a life beyond my wildest dreams!
– I’ll always feel envious of those who give it a try!
The second list: What will happen if we DO move, but it goes wrong?
– We can always move house again!
– It’s not forever.
– At least we will have tried.
– I’ll have no regrets. ❤️
– It’s not the end of the world!
The third list: What if we move and it DOES work out?! ?
– Life becomes WAY more exiting!
– Friends visit ALL the time!
– A whole new adventure begins!
– Life is the same, except it takes a little longer to drive to yoga class ? and every night is ‘sunset vibes’ ?
– Abundance flows all around!
Etc. Etc. You get the picture. ??
We then reviewed the lists and decided whether the risk was worth it…
…then we asked; ‘How can we reduce the risks?’ (For example; rent instead of buy, choose a location close to friends/cities etc etc.)
Anyway, It’s almost 4 months since we moved and let’s just say; last night was sunset pizza night with some of our closest friends ??AND we’ve discovered SO many unexpected surprises – like the epic farmers market 10 mins down the road! ???
(I’d definitely be kicking myself if I’d have succumbed to the WHAT IFs! ?)
So, my question for you; where in your life are you letting the WHAT IFs hold you back? And is it really worth the pay off?! ?
Would love to hear what risks have paid off in your life! ?