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18 Aug Money + Freedom for a woman…

Money is really important to me – like really important… ??
Money has given me the choice to leave, stay, walk away, move on, say yes, say no.
I am free today because of money and it really is that simple.
I can put a roof over my head without anyone else’s support – because of money.
I feed myself – because of money.
I don’t need to ask, consult or negotiate – because of money.
It doesn’t mean I don’t do any of those things – I can CHOOSE to ask, consult or negotiate with my partner – but it’s a choice. And it’s always MY choice.
And that’s the bottom line, money gives me choices… and choices give you freedom. ❤️
The truth is my knowing how to make money as a spiritual woman has saved my ass more times than I care to count. ??
I have been able to leave toxic situations – because of money.
I have been able to take time out to heal – because of money.
I have been able to independently support myself in business for 5 years – because of money.
There is no two ways about it – my simple truth is that money matters, and it matters a lot.
I love money and money loves me – we’re a partnership. ❤️
And like any relationship I’ve had to learn how to thrive with my partner.
For the past 4 years behind the scenes I have been successfully coaching and mentoring spiritual women on how to make their own (full-time) income – from Yoga Teachers, Women’s circle facilitators to coaches and healers etc.
It was never part of my plan – but as my own spiritual business grew, women continued to approach me asking; “how did you do it?!” and well – I continue to say; “Let me show you!” ??
If you’re reading this and thinking – “That’s me!! I want to step up financially in my spiritual or wellness business” and you want to find out how I can support you – simply send me a private message saying: “I’d love to know more!” ❤️
Alice XO