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Magic Cacao Elixir Recipe ✨🌹🐆

Yesterday on Instagram Stories I promised I would send you all my Magic Cacao Elixir Recipe ✨🌹🐆 (it’s the perfect hot drink for a moon ritual, moment of pleasure or some sensual self-love time 👅💦.) 

I’ve shared a few photos from my phone below of how I make my elixir – it’s packed with 5 healing spices (great for your root chakra! The embodiment Chakra ❤️) and also 3 healing Ayurvedic Herbs.

I break all this down in the ingredients list below. ✨🍯

Butttt…. before you go ahead and make your Magic Cacao Elixir – I’m excited to let you know I will be running a divine winter/Christmas gathering in December – think cacao, flickering candles, winter abundance…. and of course warm spiced brownies! (So keep your eyes peeled for a ticket announcement soon!) 🎄✨


My fave personal benefits of this Elixir: 

🌹 Opens the heart – supports with grief, forgiveness, love, compassion, staying open, receiving abundance.

🌹Supports the root chakra – all the warming spices you see in the ingredient list reduce anxiety and ground you into the present moment.

🌹Awakens sensuality – this elixr is smooth, creamy, sexy, silky – it’s like sacred velvet dripping down your throat (great for Sacral and throat Chakra!) (P.S. Your sexuality is your ability to create, open and receive – receive sex, receive money, receive opportunities, recieve joy 💦🐆 .)


  1. 1 x cup of your prefered Nut Milk: (I recommend coconut milk or oat milk)
  2. 3 x scoops of high quality cacao or one serving of ceremonial cacao
  3. Add 4 x Warming Spices: Tumeric, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cinamon (Grounding and warming spices for Root Chakra and inner fire.)
  4. Add a tiny pinch of Cayenne pepper for that spicy kick! 🔥
  5. 1/2 tea spoon of Triphala (Ayurvedic Healing Herbs: Triphala is a blend of 3 x dried India fruits – Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki – used to prevent ailments and support optimal health! Yes please, mama! 👅
  6. Honey to sweeten if you’d like 🍯 (but stay away from adding sugar)


Links to brands I recommend:

Method: 🥄

  1. Add cup of milk to small pan or frothing machine
  2. Add your Cacoa or Cacao 👅
  3. Add the 4 grounding spices to taste – trust your intuition and play around with this!
  4. Add tiny pinch of Cayenne Pepper!
  5. Add 1/2 tea spoon of Triphala powder
  6. The extra spicy tip 🔥: Do all of this with love, intention and divinity – create the vibrations you want to drink into your body. Light a candle, clear the worktop, stir the pan how you’d touch a lover.

Let it be sexy, let it be abundant, let it be sacred. (Without this extra touch – you wont feel the magic .)

Milk frothing machine recommendations: 

I’m often asked what machines I use in my Instagram Stories – I recommend the following machines. (I have both and they are equally good for a cacao elixir – but remember you can also use a whisk and a pan! Get that sexy whisk wizzing up in your life!) 

Nespresso’s Milk Frother:

Hotel Chocolate’s Velvetiser:

Also, don’t forget! Tonight 8pm I’m leading a live online session inside The Sisterhood Membership for the Libra New Moon – if you’re joining us bring along your Magic Cacao Elixir! ✨🌹🐆

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I’d be so grateful if you hit reply and let me know if you love this kind of content and are gonna make your own Magic Cacao Elixir!

All my love! ❤️

Alice XO

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