YOUR LIFE is your message to the world.? - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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14 Feb YOUR LIFE is your message to the world.?

The call came back in August. I’d just finished running a Retreat in Ibiza & as soon as I landed back on UK soil, I knew I had a choice to make.

The moment I stepped back into my 3-story, 5-bedroom home – I just knew it wasn’t the place for me. Not anymore. Time was up. There was so much more for my heart to uncover. ❤️

Without thinking I grabbed a bin bag & ran upstairs… I piled up all my clothes & belongings. I needed space, freedom, liberation.

I needed the wind in my hair & soil beneath my feet. ??

“We have to leave.” I told my partner.

“I can’t live like this.”

She grabbed her phone & emailed our landlord – just like that, everything changed. ?

A few days passed & fear kicked in – I had a business to run, a community I loved, friends on my doorstep – I couldn’t risk it all because I had ‘a call in my heart.’

So I stopped.
I doubted myself.
I said I would stay.

3 months passed & the call kept coming; “It’s time to leave…Let us guide you.” ?

Instantly I thought of my future daughters… & the message I would teach them by staying; settle, ignore your intuition, play it safe…

I couldn’t bear it. I want to teach them courage, strength…how to live their truth.?

I knew in that moment the only way to truly teach that message was to live it – embody it, BECOME it. ?

So I did it.

Yesterday I packed our life into boxes. Handed over the keys? & got on a plane to Spain. ??

I have no permanent home. No kettle, toaster or tea bag cupboard. ☕️

Instead I have a deep knowing that I’m being guided to my highest destiny.

This is a year of embodiment ❤️ & fierce commitment to my purpose to cultivate Sisterhood & Truth through Retreats and Spiritual teachings.

As a coach, mentor & Retreat Leader my duty is not to build what is expected of me – my duty is to let my life be my message to the world – so my question is this; what message do you want YOUR LIFE to speak?#ReconnectToYourTruth