Karmic Healing with White Tantra... ✨? - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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14 Feb Karmic Healing with White Tantra… ✨?

Today I join *hundreds* of Kundalini Yogis in LDN to heal core wounds & soul lessons through the ancient group practise of White Tantric Yoga. ?

(At the end of this post I share my unexpected ‘Tantra Partner’- which is why I’ve been feeling uneasy! ??)

With the guidance of a teacher we’ll transcend the ego to clear subconscious patterns that would usually take years (even decades!) to heal.

(They say a day of White Tantra is worth a year of meditation!??)

I’ll be sat crossed-legged (knee to knee) alongside 100s of Yogis with my Partner sat directly opposite (eye to eye, gaze to gaze. ?) ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

As we meditate, chant & move – the energy of Tantric will flow through us in a zig zag⚡️ creating a magnified & elevated energy field?. (If a Yogi gets up… the energy blocks so volunteers will be on stand to fill spaces.)

Group consciousness is a powerful force that magnifies the effects by 500! ?

Now… to reveal my partner ?(?)

Initially I thought I’d do White Tantra with Lisa – BUT I had an incredibly strong feeling there was ‘someone else’ I had to have this experience with.

2 weeks ago I told my mum I didn’t have a ‘Tantra Partner’… how I was ‘going to leave it to destiny’… ?

Immediately my mum said; “Let’s do it together!”

I panicked – I thought of the wounds that may come up – not just mine, but hers too! I started to convince her it ‘wasn’t her thing’… & ‘it’s super spiritual’ ?

Then I heard it… a whisper; “Alice, together you have the power to heal your mother line – 7 generations before… 7 generations behind…”

Instantly I was reminded the shadows we fear the most are the ones that HEAL the most…

So here I am, ready to walk side by side with the woman who birthed me into White Tantra to share this incredibly powerful experience. ?

Send love❤️ We’re ready to step deeper into truth. ??#ReconnectToYouTruth