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How to find time to meditate by Alice Allum _Life Coach

03 May How to find time to meditate

“I’m studying & find myself needing good energy, yet I can’t find the time to meditate or do yoga. Any advice?”

I was asked this question yesterday, here’s what works for me: ‍♀️

1. Every night I sit down & set my intentions for the next day. Add ‘meditation’ to your list like any other task you want to achieve 

2. Meditate as soon as you wake up. ‍♀️Find a guided meditation on YouTube the night before & just press play! 

3. Start with 5 minutes if you’re struggling for time & keep it simple. I use the ‘Insight timer’ app to track time‍♀️

4. Pay for a bulk of classes up front to hold yourself accountable. When you’ve invested financially you’re more likely to turn up. Once you start to feel the social, mental & physical benefits – you’ll value your yoga time so much more…I promise! 

5. Find a class that slots nicely into your lifestyle. I spend ALOT of time finding the right teacher & class for me & my schedule. Don’t be dis-heartened if the first class you attend isn’t quite right.‍♀️

6. Enjoying a hike or a beach walk can give just as many benefits as a seated meditation . Tap into what your body is craving & think outside the box. 

7. Listen to a bed time Yoga Nidra on Sound cloud – if you haven’t tried Yoga Nidra before bed – you’re in for a treat 

8. Don’t fixate on ‘meditation goals’ – if you don’t meditate one day, that’s fine! The key is to focus on mindful moments. Close your eyes whilst the kettle boils, sing in the shower or listen to Kundalini music in the bath. It’s all about making meditation & mindfulness A WAY OF LIVING 

9. If you’re still struggling to find time. Ask yourself, what can I start saying ‘NO’ to in life, so I can say ‘YES’ to more of what I love? ‍♀️ It’s so important to raise your awareness on HOW you choose to spend your time 

10. Finally – just get on with it! It’s as simple as you want it to be. 

The key is to get into YOUR grove of meditation & yoga ‍♀️‍♀️Forget about everyone else & figure out what works for YOU

I’d love to hear what you find works well?‍♀️ Thanks Leiah for your awesome question!  #Meditation #Yoga