Concious relationships over the Festive Season... - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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17 Nov Concious relationships over the Festive Season…

Concious relationships over the Festive Season… ? (Too soon?! ??)

(Plus a killer one liner that will save your sanity as the months get busier! ?⤵️)

Last year Lisa and I chose to spend Christmas apart and this year we’re choosing the same. I’ll be hoping on a plane to travel with my sisters (✈️????) and Lisa will be doing Action Movie marathons ?, Dog Duties ?& catching up with her bro who’s in the army. (Her perfect Crimbo! ?)

Being in a conscious relationship means being an ENABLER for each other’s growth & dreams throughout ALL seasons – & Christmas is no exception! ??

Being a true enabler means helping your partner make the right choices for them…not just you (even if at times it feels hard – like being apart at Christmas – but this is key ? for a thriving relationship.)

For me Christmas was a time where my diary was filled with everyone’s plans but my own ? – Endless trips to see people I barely knew, random festive parties, weird local events – I’d feel so exhausted and disappointed – all I really wanted to do was read my books?, be out on adventures ?or planning the next BE retreat! ??‍♀️?? (which btw 2020 dates coming soon! ???)

The past few years I’ve sat down and asked myself; what would I LOVE to GIVE AND GAIN over the Festive months? & It’s transformed everything!?

So before you fill up your diary…remember you have a unique opportunity arriving on your doorstep…? the people you love will have time off, your own work schedule will calm down for a week or so and community spirits will be higher than ever! ?

Resist the urge to reply ‘yes’ to all the invites and instead respond with ‘thank you so much, I will check my schedule’ – designing a Christmas aligned with your own vision will set you up with strength, courage and inspiration for 2020.

First and foremost learn how to be your own enabler in life – just a little festive tip from AL the Christmas Elf ??

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