7 ways to activate your “Abundance Chakra”?✨ (Part 2 of 2) - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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03 Jul 7 ways to activate your “Abundance Chakra”?✨ (Part 2 of 2)

When this Chakra’s OPEN you’ll have a strong sense of “everything is MORE? than taken care of” ? ???✨

It’s important to remember Abundance is a flow, a ENERGETIC DANCE of give and take and most importantly an ART that ANYONE can master!??‍♀️✨

Here’s how to get started with bringing the flow back: ???
1. Firstly (this is non-negotiable) – get back to BASICS: you’re never too ‘developed’ for daily gratitudes, reading morning pages and affirmations! ???✍️
2. Practise RECEIVING: when someone asks if you want a cup of tea… YES ??. When someone asks if they can help… YES??. CONSCIOUSLY RECEIVE… if you can’t receive the small things – how on earth do you expect to receive the bigger things?! ? Expand your energetic ability to receive! ?
3. Practise GIVING ?: a simple formula to follow if you’re feeling ‘cut off’ from Abundance is to give that which you desire to receive ? – support others, celebrate others, share your knowledge, be kind! ? Get the flow… FLOWING! ?
4. The underlying issue to your block is you’ve lost your connection with source, miracles and the mysterious magic of the universe ??‍♀️✨ You’ve cut yourself off from POSSIBILITES ?– So MEDITATE ??‍♀️ however you like to – Sound, chant, breath-work??‍♀️ (Promise me?☺️)
5. Switch your focus ? – most likely you’re focused on the PROBLEMS – take some time to re-connect with what you DO want – Bring the inspiration back! ✨ (And put physical reminders around your home – stick your goals on your fridge, mirror or front door!)
6. Connect to purple – wear purple, decorate your home with purple flowers, get your purple notebook, candles and crystals out! ?✨?
7. REPEAT AFFIRMATION: “I am attuned and open to the divine flow of Abundance” ??
DON’T take these suggestions lightly. If you want things to change in your life – YOU must change – and it all starts on a energetic level first – Prioritise these actions as a start! ??✨