6-step process to transform anxiety into purpose and power. - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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04 Nov 6-step process to transform anxiety into purpose and power.

I actually wrote what I wanted to share with you on Sunday evening at 1am after experiencing a very unexpected event.

I woke up suddenly in hot sweats, panicking and feeling the terror of anxiety crushing down on my chest. 

It’s been a lonnngggg time since I felt the weight of anxiety like that. 

I’ve got an awesome, yet incredibly busy month coming up you see, possibly the busiest month of the year and I’m being majorly called to step up.

In 2 weeks time I begin my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training  (starting with a weekend of intense training and Yogic living), In 3 weeks I’m heading to Manchester for Lisa’s EPIC 2 day DARETOGROW event where I’ve been invited as a guest speaker and in 4 weeks I’ll be running my Full Moon Autumn Retreat  (Arghhh, I seriously can’t wait for this!)

Sprinkled between all of that I’m heading to my first Cacao ceremony next week (pinch me!), I’ve started my Diploma in Inner Child Healing Therapy (more about that later) and I’m welcoming new clients onto my coaching and mentoring programmes (Honestly, I get to work with the most wonderful people!)

Pretty badass huh! 

But also pretty petrifying ha ha. 

Separately, everything is fine (more than fine, it’s flipping’ fantastic and I can’t wait to experience all the magic that’s to come! ).

However, when I saw everything lined up on my calendar…week after week, day after day, lets just say it all got a little overwhelming! 

And that’s why the anxiety hit my like a Sumo Wrestler on steroids on Sunday at 1am!




But…5 minutes into my anxiety attack, the craziest thing happened. 

My body took over and before I knew it I was guiding myself through the most beautiful process that transformed my anxiety into purpose and power.

A power that was now serving me, rather than disturbing me. 

I know what you’re thinking << Test First Name >> – it’s about time I got myself a tee that reads B-A-D-A-S-S right across the front, huh?! huh?! 

And that’s what I want to share with you today…

The 6-step process that transformed my anxiety into purpose and power. 

STEP 1. Big belly Breathing 

<< Test First Name >> , if you’ve read the title of step one and even thought about skipping past it…get yo ass back here right now and read this step properly!

You’re breath is your best friend, it’s your armour, it’s your super power.

If you’re not yet consciously using your breathe to live a better life – Girl, what are you doing?! 

This is no joke. The person who’s most in control of their breathe is the most powerful person in the room – they’re in control of their behaviour, their thoughts, their reactions.

Big belly breathing is where you inhale slowly and expand your belly as much as possible – I like to watch it rise and stick out like a big giant balloon! 

Then, as you exhale slowly you squeeze your belly in so tight that your belly button is almost touching your spine. (It’s kinda like a fun game!)

You see, when our breathing is fast and shallow (usually our default breathing when anxiety strikes) we’re literally telling our brain to prepare for fight or flight (not cool, usually totally unnecessary and a waste of valuable energy!)

When our breathing is long, slow and deep (owww sounds almost sexual doesn’t it!) we’re telling our brain we’re safe, we’re in control and that we don’t need to panic. 

During my anxiety attack I did deep belly breathing for a count of 10 whilst I laid on my back and it immediately calmed my mind so I could think clearly.

STEP 2. Get touchy and feely (Not in that way, you little minx!)

(Sorry << Test First Name >> not sure why all these sexual references are coming up today!)

Getting touchy and feely with what’s around you will really help you ground yourself in the moment.

Anxiety usually comes from worrying about the future – AKA things that haven’t even happened yet! (For me I was worried about whether I had enough time to achieve everything I’ve got planned.) 

Because I was in bed during my anxiety attack I started to consciously feel the material of the pillow on my face and my toes under the duvet.

Getting touchy and feely with what’s around us grounds us and brings us back into the present moment. AKA the only moment that really exists. 

When we’re in the present we’re calm, we’re peaceful, we’re aware. 

STEP 3. Inject Peace and Love. 

Now, once I was feeling calm, the next thing I did was I visualised the key events I had coming up, I imagined myself welcoming everyone to the retreat, I saw their happy faces as they arrived  and transferred my feelings of peace and love into that visualisation.

I then imagined myself driving to my Kundalini Training – I imagined I was organised, prepared, on-time and excited.

and so on and so on…

Suddenly I started to feel really excited about all the amazing things I had lined up for the month. I started to feel so blessed and grateful that I get to do all these amazing things with my life!

Closing your eyes and injecting peace and love into your future experiences is one of the most powerful things you can do.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between reality or what we’ve imagined. So when I do turn up to all these amazing things…my mind will be like “Oh, I’ve been here before, this is a place where I feel calm, peaceful, organised etc.etc.”

STEP 4. Listen. 

Now this is really important. With anxiety most people focus on soothing the symptoms (like I did above) while this is great, it’s not getting to the core of why you’re feeling anxious.

Anxiety can be our friend…if we let it. Anxiety can be a sign that we’re out of alignment, that something’s wrong, or maybe that something needs addressing.

When you feel anxious, I’d encourage you to ask yourself: “Hmmm,what is my friend anxiety trying to tell me?”

For me, anxiety was saying:

“Oh Hey Alice, just a little reminder…”

“It’s now time to get super organised, super focused and super disciplined so that you can enjoy all these wonderful things that you have planned.”  

“Make sure you schedule out time and start taking action as soon as tomorrow.”

“And girl, don’t forget, once you get the memo, just transform me into excitement – this is your time girl!”

All our feelings are speaking to us. We can’t just ignore the challenging ones and listen to the good ones – we gotta start a dialogue and have a conversation.

So take some time to lean into your anxiety and ask – “Oh Hey  Anxiety, long time no see, what message did you come here to deliver?” 

STEP 5. Take action. 

Once I got the memo, I got to work and took action. I sat down and planned out my month, booked in meetings and I assigned my tasks to days.

And now, I’ve got clarity, I’m riding the wave, I’m following the plan and HELL TO THE YES! – I’M FEELING EVEN MORE LIKE A BADASS!  

I’m stepping up to the type of discipline that’s required for me to live the life that I dream of – and it feels amazing – I’m excited!

Listen, If we don’t take action, the anxiety will show up time and time again.

Remember, if you want new results, take new action! 

STEP 6. Transform. 

I love me some transformation. 

Any challenges that I have in my life, I like to milk them for all they’re worth!  Damn girl I felt the pain…and now I’m gonna feel the power! 

Our struggles can always become our strengths.

And our pain can always become our power.

For me, when I go through something challenging, I always transform it into a social media post or create a work-book on the topic for my clients or, like I am today, I share it in LOVE MAIL! 

That way the experience is serving me and those I love too and therefore the experience is transformed into something magical and loving.

We are not defined by what happens to us in life, we are defined by how we respond to what happens to us in life.  

So, there you have it, my 6-step process for turning anxiety into purpose and power – I hope that this supports you if you ever get hit by a Sumo wrestler on steroids – cos that shit hurts!