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17 Nov 5 things to know about Libra Season…

5 things to know about Libra Season ♎️⚖️


On 23rd Sept we moved from Virgo Season ♑️?(think order, healing, analytical) into Libra Season ♎️⚖️ – the sign of BALANCE, JUSTICE & HARMONY. ???


✔️ Libra rules the 7th House which is all about relationships ?– meaning we’re going to be learning a lot about ourselves this season through what’s being REFLECTED back or TRIGGERED during our interactions with others – MIRROR is a keyword when it comes to Libra Season. ?


✔️ A shadow side of Libra is projection ? – we know we’re projecting when we have INTENSE feelings towards someone (positive or negative) – for example if you’re intensely judging or hating on someone who’s boldly expressing themselves, this could be a sign that you’ve disowned that expressive side of yourself & it’s time to heal & explore.


✔️ Libras can struggle to make decisions ?‍♀️– they like to ‘sit on the fence’ ?– but to gain true balance we must keep moving forward?? – It’s like riding a bike, ??‍♀️the moment you stop peddling, is the moment you fall down ? – be conscious of where you’re being indecisive & confidently take action towards your vision. ??


✔️ Since Venus (the plant of love, comfort & beauty?) Rules Libra, we can find ourselves focusing too much on gaining EXTERNAL validation – but it’s in gaining INTERNAL validation that we build strength & solid self-worth. Be wary of how you’re validating yourself. ?


✔️ We also move into Autumn ? as we move into Libra ♎️ – these are seasons of change ?…staying grounded is crucial to managing as we let go & prepare for psychological death & rebirth?. When we’re not grounded in Libra we can feel like a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other! ? Being grounded means we have solid roots & internal stability despite change disrupting everything. ?? (surround yourself with people you trust, eat lots of potatoes & ALWAYS touch trees ?‍♀️??)


All of the above is being revealed so you can get back into BALANCE ⚖️ ♎️


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