4 Steps to Follow during the Final 4 days of Mercury Retrograde…⚡️? - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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08 Mar 4 Steps to Follow during the Final 4 days of Mercury Retrograde…⚡️?

On 9th March Mercury (planet of communication) will go direct again – whilst many feel challenged by MR… it’s actually a beautifully powerful time offering insight and healing as you slow down and look back – just as Mercury is in the sky… ?

STEP 1 // Gain new insights into old situations – reflect on the past 6 months (especially the challenging times?) and ask yourself; “What key lessons did I learn?” Now that you’re through the heartache – can you see how these experiences taught you valuable lessons for your path ahead? Write down your new found wisdom. ✍️?

STEP 2 // Decide *HOW* you will do things differently – the thing about toxic patterns is they show up in SO many ways – for example, just because you left a toxic relationship, doesn’t mean you left the toxic pattern behind ?‍♀️. Get clear on *HOW* you will actually *apply* your new found wisdom.?

STEP 3 // It’s time to Forgive Resentment is one of the lowest vibrating emotions…as you look back you have an opportunity to empower yourself and add new meaning to past toxic situations. ?? Maybe you can see that the ‘person who did you wrong’ was in fact your greatest teacher in disguise ???

STEP 4 // Revise your plans ??– Connect with your goals and make tweaks and adjustments ?✔️ – in a few weeks the Sun moves into fiery Aries for a month ? – the season of the Ram ??– Once you’re confident in your updated plans you can use Aries energy to… Charrgeeeee Forthhhhh???

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Remember, Mercury Retrograde isn’t ‘BAD’, it’s here to guide you – the key is to leverage the energy and see what it has to teach you ??#ReconnectToYourTruth