4 Steps to Follow during the Final 4 days of Mercury Retrograde…⚡️🐆 - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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08 Mar 4 Steps to Follow during the Final 4 days of Mercury Retrograde…⚡️🐆

On 9th March Mercury (planet of communication) will go direct again – whilst many feel challenged by MR… it’s actually a beautifully powerful time offering insight and healing as you slow down and look back – just as Mercury is in the sky… 😍

STEP 1 // Gain new insights into old situations – reflect on the past 6 months (especially the challenging times💯) and ask yourself; “What key lessons did I learn?” Now that you’re through the heartache – can you see how these experiences taught you valuable lessons for your path ahead? Write down your new found wisdom. ✍️😍

STEP 2 // Decide *HOW* you will do things differently – the thing about toxic patterns is they show up in SO many ways – for example, just because you left a toxic relationship, doesn’t mean you left the toxic pattern behind 🤦‍♀️. Get clear on *HOW* you will actually *apply* your new found wisdom.🔮

STEP 3 // It’s time to Forgive Resentment is one of the lowest vibrating emotions…as you look back you have an opportunity to empower yourself and add new meaning to past toxic situations. 🙏🏻 Maybe you can see that the ‘person who did you wrong’ was in fact your greatest teacher in disguise 🤭👀💫

STEP 4 // Revise your plans 👏🏻– Connect with your goals and make tweaks and adjustments 😍✔️ – in a few weeks the Sun moves into fiery Aries for a month 🔥 – the season of the Ram 🐐🐎– Once you’re confident in your updated plans you can use Aries energy to… Charrgeeeee Forthhhhh🐎🐎🐎

(If you’re a member of The Sisterhood Membership, I recommend tucking into the powerful “Rewrite your story” Work-book📔 and the “Energetic Chord Cutting” Video 💯 And of course if you’re not yet a member and would like to become one – well come on over girlfriend! 😍🎉 follow the link: www.thebeplatform.com/thesisterhood/ )

Remember, Mercury Retrograde isn’t ‘BAD’, it’s here to guide you – the key is to leverage the energy and see what it has to teach you 🔐😍#ReconnectToYourTruth

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