4 Simple Ayurveda Remedies for Flu Relief ✨🤒 - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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15 Dec 4 Simple Ayurveda Remedies for Flu Relief ✨🤒


So after a busy few weeks hosting final Women’s circles & coaching sessions of 2019, the dreaded flu that’s been round our local Village has got me! 🤦‍♀️😩 Whilst the best remedy is always sleep, hydration & healing foods, 😴🥕I wanted to share some simple tips that have been taking the edge off… 🙏🏻 (I’d love to hear your recommendations too!☺️)


1. Self-Facial for Lymphatic Drainage 💆🏼‍♀️

Anyone else find their face gets SO congested with Flu?! 😩 My eyes hurt, face swollen & glands popping out my neck! 😳 Doing a full facial routine drains fluid & relieves ALL of that 🥳. Let your intuition guide you as you massage your face. 😍🤲🏻 (If you’re a member of The Sisterhood 🌙there’s a great online tutorial in the ‘Self-Care Rituals’ section where Holistic Therapist Emma guides you through a DIY Facial. ✨)


2. Ginger Steam Bath 🧖🏻‍♀️🛁


I’ve been running my baths a little hotter than usual to help sweat out the toxins… & adding freshly sliced ginger for a refreshing Nasal steam to clear up my airways 👃🏼🤧. The ginger also speeds up circulation & reduces inflammation – bye bye nasty congestion! 👋🏻 (If you don’t have a bath steam your face in a large bowl with a tea towel over your head. 🥰💨)


3. Body brushing to alleviate body aches 🧺


I’ve been doing this before I get in the bath… 🛁 whilst I know body brushing has been used for centuries for toxin release… during the Flu I’ve been craving it for it’s exfoliation & massage experience … I find ‘the rough touch’ relieves my full body aches & gives that overall detox feeling! ✨ Try not to be nakey for too long though 🙊best to keep warm when you have the Flu! ☺️ (Again, there’s a tutorial for how to Body Brush inside The Sisterhood 🌙)


4. Hot Lemon & Honey Soother 🍯🍋


I recommend making a big flask so you can have it ‘on-tap’ straight from your bedside. 👏🏻 A few slices of lemon & honey in hot water. TIP: Buy ‘squeezey honey’ so you don’t have to keep spooning it out the jar! ✨ (You can thank me later! 😌) There you have it! 😍 My top Ayurveda Remedies to relieve Flu Symptoms!✨



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