In 2019 I *unexpectedly* taught a lot of spiritual women how to make money. ✨ - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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14 Feb In 2019 I *unexpectedly* taught a lot of spiritual women how to make money. ✨

It wasn’t intentional, it organically developed as women approached me for mentoring on how to run their first Women’s Circle or Retreat etc. ⭕️

Over the year more healers, coaches & Yoga Teachers asked; “Alice, how are you making a living without a part-time job to support you?”

Their lack of income – not in all cases, but many – came back to this one thing…

Let’s rewind… In my early days I heard a lot of ‘Spiritual People’ discussing wealthy coaches; “It’s shocking to charge *that* much for a workshop” or “It’s not spiritual if your services aren’t accessible to EVERYONE!” – what a load of donkey poo X 10!?

Fortunately, when I first ‘started out’ I was in a ‘sticky financial’ situation ?– so I had no choice but to avoid the ‘charge a fiver for a workshop’ bandwagon or ‘£25 for a one off session’ – I needed a roof over my head!

Here’s what I know about making money;

When I make money, my bills get paid.
When I pay my bills, I’m happier.
When I’m happier, I create more.
When I create more, I have a bigger impact. When I have a bigger impact, I receive more money.
When I receive more money, I give more back.
When I give more back, I help more people.
When I help more people, I heal the world.

Here’s what I know about NOT making money;

When I don’t make money, bills don’t get paid.
When bills don’t get paid, I feel more anxious.
When I feel more anxious, I feel disconnected from my purpose.
When I feel disconnect from my purpose, I don’t create… I don’t have impact…I don’t receive… I can’t pay bills… & the cycle continues.

Please. Healers, coaches, yoga teachers – it’s OK to charge MORE for your services (IF you desire to) it doesn’t make you any ‘less spiritual’ than someone who charges less – we NEED you to feel empowered, secure & safe so you keep sharing your gifts! ?

You know (as well as I do) that when you have MORE, you’ll GIVE MORE.You don’t need to convince us of that. ???#ReconnectToYourTruth