How to over come fear and let inspiration lead the way
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18 Feb 7 ways to say ‘Helll NO’ to fear and let INSPIRATION lead the way;

7 ways to say ‘Helll NO’ to fear and let INSPIRATION lead the way;

So…under the New Moon, I planted a seed….a pretty BIG seed!  It got me feeling all kinds of crazy; excited, impatient, empowered, nervous, lost…but then found 

You know that feeling when you know something could just be SO incredible for both yourself and everyone involved…but at the same time you’re wondering; ‘who am I to make this happen?’…well yeah, that’s me right about now!  So once again, it’s time to put what I preach into practise and I wanted to share with you how I’m saying ‘Hellll NO’ to fear and letting INSPIRATION lead the way…

1. ONLY focus on the next small step. Forget about the 10th step or the bigger picture (just for now) and Keep asking ‘What’s the next small step I can take?’

2. Visualise the outcome and really let yourself feel the moment. When I first launched my retreats I Visualised every tiny step…how I would greet guests, what I would wear, even which tea I would drink during my welcome speech…when it came to the real thing, I felt like I was doing it for the 100th time! #Winner

3. Plan your celebration. What do you want to do once you’ve achieved your goal? Who will you call? How will you feel? What will you do?

4. Stay in your body, don’t get caught up in your head. Plan lots of fun things to do to keep those feel-good vibes circulating and stay away from people who make you feel sh*tty. Once you’ve set your goal and made your plan…don’t give yourself time to ‘think things over’ just get crackin’ #InYourHeadYourDead

5. Meditate. Meditation calms your mind which allows you to stay connected to your heart (your truth) when your mind is fired up you’re in survival mode and so naturally you’re going to think of all the things that could go wrong…instead of the things that could go right. Meditate as much as you can (especially when the deadline of your goal is approaching).

6. Ask ‘what is the result of me not following my inspiration?’ – this is a BIGGY. What will it cost you if you let fear get the better of you?

7. Finally…study other people who have actually done what you’re about to do. If that means invest financially, so be it, it will pay off in the long run. And remember…if someone hasn’t done what you’re about to do…please, please, please, don’t take their negative advice.

So…with that being said…you’ll find me meditating in my zen den and getting my visualisation on!  I hope this serves you as well as it serves me  #GrowingSeeds #HellNo