How to celebrate Summer Solstice | Free e-book
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The Sisterhood_Summer Solstice

Your Free Summer Solstice Mini E-book…

In this Free Mini E-book you’ll receive:

 Introduction to Summer Solstice & it’s Spiritual Meaning… (including a Summer Solstice ‘cheat sheet’)


10 Beautiful Summer Solstice Rituals, Practises and Activities (some are suitable to enjoy with little ones!)


✓ 7 traditional songs to listen to at Summer Solstice


 Over 20 pages of magic to help you celebrate and draw abundance in for the next season!


 5 Questions to ask yourself at this time (My favourite question is number 4!)


 Inspiration: Lots of photographs of my own rituals as well as other images to inspire you for your own celebrations!


Insert your details below to gain instant access to this FREE Mini E-book focused on celebrating the Summer Solstice. 

We 100% respect and protect your privacy and will never share or sell your information.

(If you have any challenges downloading this e-book, email [email protected])