November feel good frolic | Mini Retreat - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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Northallerton Mini Retreat | Saturday 18th November 2017

Feel Good Frolicin’ retreat 

(laughing yoga and good vibes!)



Gorgeous soul sisters! It has finally arrived – our very first FEEL-GOOD FROLIC MINI-RETREAT (with laughing yoga!) and boy are you in for a treat! 

After the first few self-love mini-retreats, a lot of you said you craved more time to be playful and have fun in your life! Soo… I thought, what better way to do this than at another mini-retreat with laughing yoga?!?! This event is completely focused on feeling good and having fun!

Since you all loved the venue so much I will be hosting it here at Thief Hall again, in Northallerton, North Yorkshire – it’s such a beautiful venue!


I’m inviting you to enjoy a full afternoon of ‘me-time’, feel-good vibes, laughing yoga, deep relaxation (possibly the best meditation I’ve ever done!) time with other incredible women and a light nourishing vegan lunch.

The highlight of the retreat will be a incredible workshop with the wonderful Timmy Tango, Laughter Yoga Teacher. Laughter has the power to inspire creativity, drive and peak performance in people from all walks of life. The power to breakdown social barriers and self limiting beliefs, increase people’s sense of connection to each other and the world around them and create healthier, happier relationships. My first experience of laughter yoga was just MIND- BLOWING!

Please note laughter yoga is unlike traditional yoga, it does not involve stretching and holding poses, it is more focused around, breathing, posture and deep belly laughter!!! You’ll love it! We’re going to have a blast!

You don’t have to have done anything like this before to enjoy the benefits and experience, in fact, I encourage you to join us even more so if this is your first event of this nature!


Price £47

[Meet your host]

During this mini retreat you will experience one of the key elements I consciously bring into my life everyday to create a beautiful life – feeling good and having fun!

Over the past 2 years I’ve been on such an incredible journey of figuring out what it means to me to live a truly great life. I’ve taken the time to understand what it takes to fall in love with who you truly are, to trust your instincts, to break down self-limiting beliefs that hold you back, to creating deep meaning full relationships and how to gain true clarity on what you truly want….one thing I’ve come to learn is at the heart of figuring out the answers…getting into a feel-good state of mind.

As a result I’ve created such a beautiful life and after receiving such great feedback from my first mini-retreats I’m so excited to be sharing more techniques and tools with you all – life is supposed to feel good and it’s about time we welcomed more joy, abundance and happiness into our life!

Price £47

Meet your guest teacher!

I’m so excited for you all to meet this wonderful, wonderful teacher! I met Timmy around 6 months ago when I finally decided to attend a laughing yoga class – it turned out to be one of the most joyful experiences ever! After leaving the laughing yoga class, I felt like anything was possible! I felt truly alive and excited about all possibilities in life! I felt motivated and empowered to do the things I was once scared of and most of all I felt truly ALIVE! Timmy reminded me that laughter and getting into a ‘high-vibe’ state of mind is so powerful and often something we don’t prioritise in our life! 

I am SO excited that Timmy will be sharing his magic with us all! Can’t wait for us to experience this together! 

Meet Timmy

Besides being a incredible human, Timmy is a member of Laughter Yoga International and a full trained laughter yoga teacher. He’s a cheeky soul and has a overriding feeling that true happiness comes from the simple life.

After a varied career in office jobs, working as a sole trader, management work and the 9-5, Timmy finale came to Laughter yoga through witnessing the magical effects at his first session in 2014. The powerful influence of natural contagious laughter in a group environment had him rolling around the room in a state of pure bliss. And as an introduction to meditation and relaxation, the Yoga Nidra element of the Laughter Yoga experience was a momentous gift. (You’ll experience this incredible relaxation at our mini-retreat together).

As a natural laugher, Timmy appreciates the power of laughter to inspire creativity, drive and peak performance in people from all walks of life. The power to breakdown social barriers, increase people’s sense of connection to each other and the world around them and create healthier, happier relationships.

The brighter we shine as individuals, the more dazzling this world becomes.

About Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine and a key component to a long and happy life. Laughter Yoga is a great way to quickly feel happier, healthier and more alert. We always feel better when we laugh and by practicing the techniques in Laughter Yoga we can remember to ‘choose happiness’, take ourselves less seriously and make the conscious decisions necessary to shift our physical, emotional state back into the positive.


Timmy’s Laughter Yoga workshops centre very much around the simple joy of unconditional deep belly laughter and how getting more of this amazing natural tonic can bring many benefits to our lives. Timmy will also be guiding us through a incredible yoga Nidra into a deep relaxation.

[The venue]

Theif Hall is a beautiful converted barn which overlooks the stunning Yorkshire landscape. It’s located in the perfect spot for a feel-good frolic! The moment I visited this venue, I just knew it would be the place I would host my first ever retreat and since then I’ve held beautiful events here.


In this stunning venue we will be surrounded by views which will simply take your breath away. There will be chance for us all to breathe in the crisp Autumnal air and hopeful enjoy a little sun on the terrace whilst enjoying a herbal tea or fresh lemon water!


For specific address details, please scroll down to ‘The Details’ section. The venue is easy to find and has great transport links too!


Price £47

[Light Vegan Nourishing Lunch]

Throughout the afternoon you will have the chance to enjoy a yummy, dee-lish light vegan lunch and a selection of gorgeous herbal teas.


I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite home made vegan goodies too – think Lisa’s homemade cherry scones and gooey brownies! (Not to mention the edible flowers….anddd maybe a little glitter too!) The photographs on this page are all taken from previous events to give you a real flavour of what to expect! 

Vegan cakes_Self Love Retreat The BE Platform


Here’s a rough schedule of what you can expect on the day:


11am – Registration and welcome teas

11:15am – Introduction and feel-good inspiration with Alice

11:45 – Laughing yoga with Timmy

1:30pm – Dee-lish Light Vegan Lunch and

2.45pm – Gratitude visualisation with Alice

3pm – END with herbal teas

Price £47 



Thief Hole Lane,



North Yorkshire,


Approximate travel times:  

Darlington: 30 minutes driving

Newcastle: 1 hr driving

Manchester: 1hr 40 mins driving

London: 2hr 30 mins train

To book your space on this feel good frolic retreat, click the ‘Book Now’ Link below and reserve your ticket. If you’re unable to pay via pay pal and wish to pay with an alternative method, please email [email protected]

We cannot reserve a place without full payment as there are limited places available so we do advise booking as soon as possible. 

Ready to join us in Northallerton?


Saturday 18th September 11am – 3pm 


£47 reserve your spot now

Including a light Vegan lunch and guest laughing yoga workshop

Places are limited and booking is essential so we advise booking your place as soon as possible.


“What struck me immediately was Alice’s warmth and positivity. She is personable and passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through coaching. Her enthusiasm and encouragement was the final nudge I needed.

Alice encouraged me to start small, but get started. I’m very grateful to Alice for her coaching skills; for her innate empathy, ability to connect the dots and encourage positive action. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”


“I had my first ever coaching session with Alice and I can put my hand on my heart and say it changed my life. During the first session we outlined my self-limiting beliefs and goals, which was to work on my self-confidence.

She made me realize that I have the power within me to achieve whatever I set my mind to.

Without Alice’s help I would have never been able to make my dreams a reality.”


“Alice is an incredibly inspirational person and a fantastic coach. She quickly creates an environment for you to express your thoughts and feelings without judgment; she makes you feel completely at ease, and like anything is possible.


I’d never experiencing coaching before but after working with Alice, can instantly see the value it provides. Alice’s coaching sessions pushed me to confront things I’d been trying to ignore, and gave me the freedom to decide on my future and put it into action.


Alice is an amazing person and she has given me the confidence to embrace positivity, to empower myself and to dare to grow.”