Finding the right Doula - 15 questions to ask. - Alice Allum | The BE Platform
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Finding the right Doula – 15 questions to ask.

Your Doula is part of your birth team, support network and also energy field – so taking time to choose the right Doula for you is very personal and crucial to your feeling of safety, care and joy during (and after!) pregnancy.

Most Doulas offer a free call or meeting to get to know them ahead of choosing to work with them.

In this blog you’ll find:

– Key things to pay attention to during your call

– How to prepare ahead of your call to get the most out of your meeting

– 15 questions to ask during your call



Here’s how you can prepare for finding the right Doula for you…

– What needs are you wanting to be met through a Doula? (For example: Emotional support, practical support like cooking and cleaning, spiritual guidance.) Get as specific as you can here and don’t be shy!

– What non- negotiables are you looking for in your Doula? (For example: They believe in God, they believe in a holistic only approach, they have a background in medicinal birth, they’ve given birth themselves, they offer in person meetings not just online etc.) 1. Why do you feel it’s important to have a Doula? (Get clear on your core desires.

– Prepare list of questions. (Take time to write yours and your partner’s questions out.)

See useful question suggestions below.



Here’s 15 questions to ask your potential Doula:

  1. Do you offer postpartum support? (Cooking meals nourishing mama?)
  2. What’s your relationship like with food and what type of food do you cook? Do you agree food prep ahead of time/ have a menu to choose from/ buy the food/ is that cost included?
  3. What rituals and ceremonies do you know/offer/hold for clients?
  4. Would you come to my location for in person meetings or just online?
  5. What’s your relationship like with a higher power? (If you’re spiritual, get curious about their spiritual connection.)
  6. Have you attended any hospital births? (If you plan a hospital birth)
  7. Have you attended home birth? (If you plan a home birth)
  8. What training did you receive? (Whats your background and experience in this work?)
  9. Do you have a back up doula? (What happens if you’re supporting another client on the day I go into labour?)
  10. What is generally included in your services?
  11. What is your philosophy on childbirth?
  12. What books do you recommend? (This question can help reveal their level of knowledge and interest.)
  13. Do you support the father? If so how?
  14. What is your role in labour? And what does support from a doula look like in labour? How do you work with the already present birthing partners?
  15. What made you want to become a doula?
  16. How much are your services and are their payment plans available?



Key Things to pay attention to during your call:

– Do they ask you about your life philosophy and what’s important to you? (Are they interested to know who you are?)

– Do they get clear on what your intentions are and what the key support you’re looking for is?

– Do they ask about your lifestyle/religion/ spiritual connection and views on birth, labour and the journey of motherhood in general?

I hope this blog serves you in finding the right support for you during pregnancy.