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[Hey you!]

Welcome to The BE Platform, a platform dedicated to your journey towards happiness, BE-coming your true powerful self and living a life you’ve always dreamed of – whatever that means for you.


I’m Alice, an authenticity coach and I believe there’s unlimited power in BEing your true self. I BE-lieve a great life is built upon small acts and rituals that fulfill your soul, keep you connected to yourself and challenge you to step further into the person you know you can be.


Whether you would like to work one-on-one together to build a life around what you truly want, are looking for inspiration and guidance or you simply want a little more self lovin’ in life take a peak at my life tools, programs and downloads below.


I’m here to help you create a life that makes YOU happy.


Love and peace xo

Life begins, when you start to ask ‘What is it that I truly want?’ ‘Who do I want to BE for me?’

Work with me

I work with women, one on one, to help them set up a life they love. Maybe you’re ready to set up your dream business, step into the woman you so desperately want to become, or create a lifestyle that compliments your goals.

I know it can be lonely making a shift in your life, but I also know it can be the most liberating experience too. I’m here to support you every step of the way with tools, experience, insight and all the affirmation cards you need to keep those naughty doubts from creeping in!


So. What’s coaching about?

Tools & Downloads

My material is designed with the intention to fill your soul and support you on your journey in life. We’ve tried, tested and created all the material ourselves to give you the best experience and of course sprinkle you with a little love along the way.


Where can I find these tools?

Inspiration & Ideas

This page is full of content written with an intention to inspire you to explore yourself and life. Think of this page as your pocket sized friend who’s there to give you a nudge, support you, share tips and help you face your truth when you can’t bare to face it alone.


Oww, take me there…


“What struck me immediately was Alice’s warmth and positivity. She is personable and passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through coaching. Her enthusiasm and encouragement was the final nudge I needed.

Alice encouraged me to start small, but get started. I’m very grateful to Alice for her coaching skills; for her innate empathy, ability to connect the dots and encourage positive action. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”


[Life Tools & Downloads]

The BE Platform has been created with a higher purpose; to help you become your truest, most powerful self and live a life you truly desire. It’s driven forward with only this purpose in mind.


I wanted to create a space where I can share simple tools and practises with people to support you on your journey. With tools for your mind, body and soul.


We’ve got some great free downloads too which you can enjoy and explore!


Here’s a little peak at what you can expect…


—  Daily Rituals (to support you with your daily practise of staying focused, positive and aligned to your goals and self)

—  Self Lovin’ guides (to help you see and connect to the wonderful woman that you are)

— Meditations (to get you into the flow of feeling connected, peaceful and aware)

—  Life mapping tools (get clarity and start creating the life you want for yourself)


Now go ahead…enjoy!