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Women's Circle in Tynemouth with Alice Allum

Run your own Retreats

Train with Alice and learn her unique 12 step process to running retreats everyone raves about.

10-week training.

1 x 2hr Mentoring session with Alice.

3 day retreat to train in person.

Leave feeling confident, ready and excited to run your first ever retreat.

Learn Alice’s unique method for running and selling-out retreats that transform people’s lives.

Please note you don’t have to have a business to gain the benefits of this programme, Alice will tell you everything you need to know if this will be your first service.


Wednesday 13th June 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Investment = £799

(Payment plan of 3 x payments of £266.30 available.)

Including weekend retreat & graduation party.

To join the first ‘Run Your Retreat’ training programme, make your first payment below.

There’s only space for 7 women in my home and I think that’s the perfect intimate number for this kind of gathering! The first event will run on 13th June under the New Moon. I deliberately chose that date as the New Moon is a time to plant new seeds and welcome in new begginings. It’s going to be the start of something magical, I just know it!

[What will the training cover?]

♡ Sharing & support (Real life chatting and laughing – we can leave social media for a few hours!)

♡ Group Meditation

♡ Sit in circle with 7 other local like-minded gorgeous women

♡ Enjoy soul nourishing conversations & time for yourself

♡ Relaxing and rejuvenating candle lit space

♡ A selection of herbal teas & fresh flavoured water

♡ Home-made vegan treats to enjoy after circle (thanks to Lisa!)

♡ Go home with a new energy, clarity and feeling inspired and connected.

[Your weekend Retreat]

We’ll enjoy this beautiful and fun evening in my home in Tynemouth. When I thought about my intentions for this women’s circle and the environment I wanted to create for us all, I couldn’t think of a better environment. I think it’s nice to have a casual, relaxed environment – so where better than the comfort of my own home?!

I’ll light candles and incense, play gorgeous music and ensure there’s lots of cushions and blankets for everyone to comfortable.

Address:  53 Percy Park, Tynemouth.

(Free parking on the street)


What should I wear? You can wear anything you wish! Be sure to feel comfortable.  I’ll most likely be wearing my yoga pants or some floaty, free trousers.


Do I need to bring anything along with me? I would recommend bringing along a journal and pen and a blanket and a cushion to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. I will however have spares on the day :).

I’ve never done anything like this before, does that matter? 
Nope. Gathering with other like minded women changed my life, it helped me connect deeper to my truth, find my voice, feel more supported than ever and raise my self-esteem. All you need is to feel the urge to want to be a part of this 🙂


Why do we sit in a circle? There is no hierarchy in circle. This is super important. We are all the leaders in our own life and need to look within for guidance and by sitting in a circle we feel the power of being our own leader. While there is a facilitator (me) each woman matters and deserves to be seen, heard and supported. We’re equal and the circle empowers us to step into the woman we know we were born to be.


Do I have to come every month? This is just a ‘tester’ event, it’s an opportunity for you to see if you enjoy being in circle with the other women (I’m so confident you will!) If you feel it’s not quite for you, that’s absolutely fine. If you LOVE it, my intention is for this to become a monthly gathering with the same women. So it will be closed to the public and a chance for us to really connect with ourselves deeper whilst building relationships with one another. It’ll be our safe space for connection, growth and fun!

Have more questions? Just drop me a message 🙂 this is the first women’s circle I’m hosting so we’re learning together! 

Ready to run your retreat?

Wednesday 13th June 6:30pm – 9:30pm 

Investment = £20

 Including home baked vegan snacks & refreshments

To register your space, follow the Pay Pal button below – I can’t wait!

[What my private clients and retreat attendees have to say…]